Sorority Spotlight '16-'17: Alpha Chi Omega

1. What makes your chapter special?

We know it’s cliche to say that by joining a chapter you’re automatically best friends with all the girls for the rest of your life, but if you ask any girl in our house, they will say that it is amazing how close we all became with each and every member of our chapter. We can genuinely say that sitting in the kitchen with any one person, going out to eat or even just silently studying is something we feel comfortable doing with any girl in our chapter. Many of our sisters never believed that they would be able to say something like that on bid day last year considering some girls knew very few people in our house before joining.


2. What is your favorite memory as a house?

One of the first nights after bid day we had a pledge class dinner at Sal’s with our PC as well as the one above. We were randomly seated which gave us the opportunity to get to know girls who we really didn’t know before. Everyone was nervous at first but as soon as everyone started talking, the friendships formed so naturally and everyone instantly was comfortable around their new sisters. It was absolutely one of the best nights of last year and we can’t wait to do the same with our PC this year.


3. What is your house’s favorite meal that your chef makes?

Leslie actually makes the most unreal nacho bar with hot queso, homemade guacamole, spinach & artichoke dip and buffalo chicken dip. Whenever that’s on the menu you know to be at the house as soon as it’s put out or it’ll be gone within the hour!


4  What is your chapter’s philanthropy? What are your biggest events on campus?

Our philanthropy is domestic violence, specifically supporting Turning Point, which is a local domestic violence shelter. Our biggest events are Mountain Hunk, which is a male talent show in the fall, and Dodging Domestic Violence, which is dodge ball tournament in the spring. Both events are super fun and for a great cause.


5. What is your house’s GPA?

Our gpa is 3.47457, which is the highest GPA on the hill!


6. What is your house’s favorite tradition?

One of our favorite traditions is AXO Against Abroad. It is one of the last nights before winter break where we say goodbye to our juniors who are going abroad (thank god mine isn’t). We completely decorate the chapter room with individual posters for our bigs, give gifts to our bigs, and get all decked out in Christmas attire. It is such a fun night because with such a big house it’s hard to get everyone all together at once, so it’s something we look forward to every year.


7.  How do members deal with the financial commitment of being apart of Greek Life?

Obviously being in a chapter comes along with a large financial responsibility, but our VP Finance helps to make sure that everyone is aware of what their money is going towards. VP Finance also does a great job in sending out regular emails to remind us when payments are due! We also have two different payment plans that give members the opportunity to stay on top of their payments.


8.  What is the most important thing you would want a PNM to know before going through recruitment?

Recruitment shouldn’t be a scary thing - it’s for you to figure out what group of girls you vibe the most with! I was told to picture which girls I would feel most comfortable walking into the chapter room in your pajamas with no makeup on, and to take it from there. You and your first semester friends might also feel differently about different chapters, so it’s important to make this decision on your own because I promise, it will be worth it