For the Podcast Beginner or Enthusiast



Hi! Hello! Me again, back with another pesky list. What can I say, I enjoy a good list, especially when it includes some of my favorite podcasts that I get to share with you!


For those of you who have no idea what a podcast is, first of all: I’m about to change your life (or at least I hope so). Second of all: podcasts can take on many different forms! Some are fiction, some are nonfiction. Some are historical, many are all about current events. Some are political, some are very much not. There are so, so many different options! That’s one of the reasons I love them so much and often spend way too much time exploring my podcasts app. What app is that? I use Apple Podcasts, but they’re often found on Spotify or even on the podcast’s own website, so hit up Google! And read on for my recs!


  1. Committed with Jo Piazza : No joke, Jo Piazza and her mode of helping others tell their own love stories will get you feeling ~senti~ but what’s really great about this podcast is that these people are always REAL people with real issues that they work through and love each other through. If you’re feeling down about love in the world of Snapchat, Insta, and well let’s face it...College - you should definitely give some of these episodes a listen. You won’t regret it!


2. WSJ Minute Briefing : For those of you who want to stay up to date but don’t have enough time in the day to check your email, let alone the news - this one’s for you. These briefings are great, because they’re only a few minutes, which is honestly shorter than that Vice video you’re using to procrastinate. Also there are a few everyday as news changes, so you can listen to them as they are released or listen to them all at once in less than 10 minutes while you’re in the car or eating dinner.


3. Freakonomics Radio : Okay so as an Economics major, I’m clearly partial to this guy - nerd alert!! BUT what makes Freakonomics so great is that you don’t have to be an econ nerd to understand or to be interested in what they’re talking about. The topics cover so many different areas of life, so scroll through to find something that catches your eye!


3. The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe : This is another great short podcast option if you want to take a quick study break. Honestly, it’s super hard to describe what these podcasts are about, so I’m gonna hope you’re a curious enough soul to check it out on your own. Also Mike Rowe...I mean come on, it’s Mike Freaking Rowe!!

*queue the heart eyes*


4. Stuff You Should Know : If you’re like me at all, you love documentaries - lol, nerd alert again :) Stuff You Should Know is basically the podcast version of docs. You might be thinking at this point that all podcasts seem to be like documentaries, but you’d be wrong! Stuff You Should Know is basically a chat between these two guys about something super cool in the world that doesn’t really get enough attention in our day-to-day, like Search and Rescue. Just give it a listen (or don’t), but I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it!


5. Criminal : If you’re feeling a little ~mysterious~ this one is definitely for you. These are one off episodes, not too long, and super interesting. Sometimes they definitely can give you Criminal Minds vibes, but other times they’ll bring attention to a change in the way law enforcement functions and other cool things like that, so not all blood and gore.


6. Lore: This if for those of you who want to start feelin’ a little spooky now that we’re getting closer to Halloween. I’m really only here for the candy, but I do love a good mystery. I only just found this guy, so I haven’t given Lore a listen yet, but I’m excited to after my last exam is over!


7. Sold in America : Sex trafficking is such an important issue in the United States and in the world. One of the main reasons I got into podcasts was because I was looking for an alternative to tv news, and this is where podcasts are great. If you’re really interested in a subject or want to learn more about it, you can search for it directly, and you might happen upon other things that you didn’t even know you were looking for. This was the case for me finding Sold In America. Really important stuff that we should all be paying as much attention to as possible.


8. Great Women of Business : I think this one speaks for itself - and there’s a pretty helpful description in the picture below! If you’re looking for some women empowerment in this dreary weather and political climate, I highly suggest you give this one a try. **Disclaimer: Not just for those studying business!


10. In the Dark : Okay, so this might be a little anticlimactic to you all, but I left this one for last, because this was my first ever podcast I listened to...ah, my first love. In the Dark is different from most of these podcast, because it comes in seasons, which sometimes sucks when you reach the end of a season, because that means you have to wait. Anyway, this one can be a little creepy, but it is SO well done and very thorough. My only suggestion of caution here is to not listen to episodes after dark. I mean unless you’re into that?