Nick Shafnisky: Lehigh Quarterback


Name: Nick Shafnisky 


Major: Sociology 


Hometown: Whitehall, PA


Year: Junior


Relationship Status: Single 


Greek Life: Chi Psi


What position do you play? Quarterback 


Besides football, what are your favorite activities? Meeting new people, working out, making music with the guys. 


What do you look for in a girl? Down to earth, outgoing, funny, beautiful, spunky


Who would play you in a movie based off of your life? Adam Sandler 


Guilty Pleasure: I'm a country boy at heart 


Spirit Animal: Bald Eagle


What is on your Lehigh Bucket List? Win a Patriot League Title 


What is your most embarrassing moment at Lehigh? My man L'Quon tried cat-fishing me.


Fun Fact: Just started playing guitar