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Matt Feinman ’16

Name: Matt Feinman

Major: Finance

Hometown: Suffern, NY

Relationship status: Taken

Who is your celebrity best friend in your head? Jason Mraz, hands down

Favorite tv show? Entourage

Guilty pleasure? Reading and writing poetry

What do you look for in a girl? I’m a sucker for a cute laugh and beautiful eyes

What are you involved in on campus? Greek life (Sig Ep), Global Citizenship, management club, and outing club

What is on your Lehigh bucketlist? I still haven’t been to the Bethlehem star at night

Any advice to underclassmen? You have a fresh start here be whoever you want to be



McKenzie is currently a junior at Lehigh with a double major in International Relations and Spanish with a business minor. She loves being co-president of HC Lehigh and hopes to continue spreading the word about Her Campus all over Lehigh's campus.
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