Freshman Year vs. Senior Year

As a senior reminiscing about college memories, you'll surely notice a lot of differences between how things are now versus how they were freshman year. You wish you could go back and relive some moments, but others you're glad are part of the past. Here are a few key differences:


First day of classes

Freshman Year: You could barely sleep last night because you were so nervous / excited about your first day of college. Waking up an hour and a half before class, bright and early, is easy because you’re looking forward to meeting new people and finally seeing what it is like to be a college student. Wearing the cutest new outfit you bought is the only way to do it. You double check that you packed 8 notebooks, 20 pencils, and your planner because you need to be prepared af. You head out the door like:

Senior Year: You wake up 10 minutes before you need to leave for class and throw on a loose tee and leggings, feeling ~blessed~ because you get to wake up 3 hours later than you did for your internship this summer (planning your class schedule around senioritis ftw). On the walk to class you pray that the one person you don’t want to see isn’t in your class, and are thrilled to see their face when, surprise, they are. And of course, you only packed the necessities:


Going out

Freshman Year: You go out almost every night because the FOMO is real. You put on your black bodycon dress or put in way too much effort to fit the theme. If there aren’t 23478 pictures from the dorm pregame, did it even happen? During the winter you wouldn’t dare leave without a fracket, and not wanting to miss a single moment of the night you head out early to chug grain until there’s none left to drink then stay out until everything is busted. Before going back to your dorm, you hit up Hawk’s Nest then stay up late hanging out in someone's room.

Senior Year: You either spend your nights going to bars or drinking beers while watching movies with your roomies. The FOMO is still real but you can actually turn down a night out occasionally. When you do go out, you throw on some jeans and a crop top and pregame until 11:30 (unless it’s Thursday - gotta get those dollar drinks) and uber to the bar waaay too lit. You stay out as late or go home as early as you want, but the second you get home you’re passing tf out, because sleep is way more important now. Also, now that you and all your friends are 21, anything is an excuse to drink:


Being stressed

Freshman year: Every little thing stresses you out. If it’s your first time doing laundry, you shrink your favorite pants that you will never be able to replace. If you’re rushing, you can’t decide where would be your best fit. If you’re at Chipotle, you don’t know if you want a bowl or a burrito. You thought the only things that would stress you out would be exams, boys, and picking out an outfit:

Senior year: You’ve got it all figured out, and the little things don’t matter too much to you anymore. Also, you’re not too stressed out about your grades anymore; you’re more concerned about getting a job, grad school applications, or the fact that you may have chosen the wrong major:


Seeing a dog on campus

Freshman year:

Senior year: 

Some things will never change. College doesn't last forever, but you have one more year to make memories that will.