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Five Things to Do Over Parents’ Weekend

Parent’s Weekend is a great tradition for Lehigh families to visit their students and get a better idea of what life is like for their children in the day-to-day. There’s lots of programming coordinated by the school, as well as a lot of fun things to do in the Bethlehem area. This listicle serves to share some ideas with you for what you can do with your parents.


  1. Go to the Family Tailgate: While Lehigh may not be the biggest Saturday tailgate school, most would say the Parent’s Weekend tailgate is not one to miss. Over on Goodman Campus there’s a heated tent, full of music and great food for you and your parents to enjoy before the game. Tickets sell out though so be sure to get yours if you plan on going!

  2. Dine on Main Street on the North Side: Nothing shows your parents the niceties of Bethlehem like Main Street. Full of unique shops and restaurants, the area has tons of character and hits a lot of the symbolic aspects of the city. Plus, the food is great.

  3. Have Your Parents Sit-In On Friday Classes: The Friday of Parent’s Weekend is an opportunity to show your parents what your life in the classroom is like. If any of your Friday classes happen to be your favorites, bring your parents along! They’ll appreciate seeing what you’re learning and meeting your professors.

  4. Go to a Study Abroad Information Session: For the less sports-inclined families, there’s lots of programming sessions for parents to attend. One of the most popular are the information sessions hosted by the Study Abroad Office. If going abroad is something you’re considering, these are definitely worth going to so your family can be involved throughout your decision-making process.

  5. Take a Tour: There’s nothing quite like autumn on Lehigh’s campus. Take your parents on a self-guided tour to show them how you interact with it. Take them to where you love to study, eat, or just hang out with friends.


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