Finals Survival Kit 2015

Although finals are coming to an end (TG), we have received our Finals Survival Kit to get us through the last few days! This kit was packed with items that are getting us through the last few days of studying and will be up for giveaways when we come back in January.

What was inside?

TRESemmé Sea Salt Spray

Unless you have laminated notes (I did in high school), you can’t study in the shower. Every second counts during finals week. What would you rather sacrifice: sleep or washing your hair? I would rather sacrifice washing my hair. That is why the TRESemmè Sea Salt Spray is a savior and a must need for finals week. Instead of greasy, stringy hair, you can turn your hair into the beachy waves look and not feel THAT gross about not washing your hair.

Chiptole Buy One Get One (Expires Dec. 15)

Who doesn't love Chiptole?! With this buy one get one, you and a friend can treat yourself to a celebration lunch/dinner since finals end on the expiration date.

Vera Bradley ID Wallet

A huge throwback to the first day of freshman year is the Vera Bradley ID wallets. They were a must-have to carry your swipe, some money and your key. Considering I still have mine from four years ago, these are clearly both practical and a staple in everyone’s purse.


Finals = Stress. Stress = Acne. What is the best way to fight off acne? Proactiv!

Michael Kors 24K Gold Scented Flash Tattoos

Does this really need an explanation?

Check our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the giveaways next semester! Have a great winter break!