Fake News You’re Told Before College

Naturally, there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the transition to college, and just as many people offering ~wise advice~ hoping to calm your fears. But be careful! It’s not all true. Here’s a list of common lies that incoming first-years are told.

  1. You’ll gain the Freshman 15 – College alone won’t make you gain wait; poor eating decisions will. The endless buffets in the dining halls can be tempting, but if you keep your portions in check and workout regularly (either at the gym or by walking up and down the Lehigh mountain!) you’ll maintain your fitness. One of the best things you can do pre-college is develop healthy habits. It’ll be easier to maintain them than you think if they’re already part of your routine!

  2. You won’t have a single second of free time – The truth is ALL your time is free time, now that you’re on your own. For better or for worse, no one is going to nag you to fulfill your responsibilities. It’s up to you to choose how to fill each day with things that are important, and to ignore/delay those that aren’t.

  3. You’ll automatically meet your best friends – Many people make lifelong friends in college, but this is by no means something that happens automatically. You’ll still need to be friendly, show interest, and go out of your way to meet people. The college environment is perfect for making friends and as long as you put in effort, you’ll find people you love.

  4. You’ll know what you want to do with your life when you graduate – So many people leave college with a degree in one field and start a career in another. If you’re unsure about majors, a good plan is to choose something broad and practical. Then, upon entering the working world you’ll be able to match your natural aptitudes to the positions available and pave your career path.

  5. You’re going to pull SO MANY all-nighters – If you don’t skip class (and pay attention while you’re there!), most of your studying will be done before exam season even starts. On top of that, managing your time well/not procrastinating will make all-nighters completely unnecessary. It’s totally possible to earn your goal GPA without jeopardizing your health.

  6. You will be forced to drink/go out/do things you’re not comfortable with – As long as you state your opinions and reasons firmly, no one is going to force you to participate in things you stand against. In most scenarios, people will treat you with respect and move on with their own lives before you even finish explaining yourself.