Alex Elman '18


Mechanical Engineering


Greek Life:

Sigma Phi Epsilon


What is your favorite rom-com?

That Awkward Moment


What is your guilty pleasure?

Using the deep fryer late at night.


What is your spirit animal?

A dog


Biggest Turn On:

A cute smile


Biggest Turn Off:

Girls who can't make conversation


What do you look for in a girl?

The girls that stand out most to me are ones with bubbly personalities. Girls who are optimistic and always down to do something make the people around them happier.


Who is your celeb crush?

Taylor Swift


What is your ideal first date?

Coffee. It can be quick or you could end up talking for an hour.


What is your favorite pick up line?

Hey I lost my phone, could I call it with yours?


Who would play you in a movie?

Matt Damon


What is your most embarrassing moment at Lehigh?

One time I was waiting outside for a friend to pick me up from an off-campus house when a car of the same color pulled up on the curb. I opened the door and sat down, when I looked to my left the girl in the driver seat was not my friend.