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7 Study Hacks To Get You Through Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lehigh chapter.

Finals are only one week away. These 7 study hacks will help you be prepared and ace your exams. 

1. Switch Study Spots

Instead of sticking to just one location, switch up your study spot throughout the week. Lehigh does have one of The 16 Coolest College Libraries In The Country. Studies have shown that switching study spots helps to retain more information.

2. Take Breaks (50-10 Rule)

Whether you take a long break and watch a movie, or a short break just to make yourself a snack or stretch, it is important to break up your studying and give your mind a rest. A good break rule is the 50-10 rule, study for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break at the end of the hour.

3. Study Schedule

Create a schedule for studying. Make sure to include your breaks in the schedule. Try to keep to your schedule so that you do not get distracted.

4. Avoid Distractions

Use apps like Self Control that block access to certain sites so that you do not get distracted reading 27 Bizarre Dream Interpretations From The 1901 Book “What’s In A Dream?”

5. Use Study Apps

Quizlet and StudyBlue are great websites to use to study. Not only does it save paper, since the flashcards are made online, but you can also play games to help you memorize the words.

6. Use Colors

Studies have shown that using colors while studying will help you to retain information.


7. Always Be Compressing (ABC)

Use mnemonic devices to help you study definitions. Make your study guide shorter so that it only has the essentials and you aren’t reading 45+ pages.