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6 Tips to Help Ace Your Interview

It’s that time of year again, applications for internships are due and interviews are coming up. Interviews for jobs can be very stressful, especially if it is your first time. Here are a few tips to insure a great first impression!

  1. Know your stuff

Research the background of the company, their goals, competitors and the position that you are applying for. You can use your research to answer questions, by doing this, not only do you look interested for the position but it will also impress the interviewer.

  1. Be 10- 15 minutes early

Show up to the interview 10 to 15 minutes early so you have time to sign in or fill out any paperwork that they might have for you. Also, this is a good time to look over your resume, talking points and to mentally prepare yourself for the interview.

  1. Be Presentable

Dress in business attire. Even if the company culture may be casual, it is  always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. Remember, this is your first impression. Make sure your clothes are fitted and pressed and your appearance is clean, and neat.

  1. Firm Handshake

A handshake can determine your character. You want your handshake to be firm and solid. It shows that you are a professional, confident and that you are genuine. A flimsy handshake can give the impression that you are passive and lack self-assurance. Not sure if it’s firm? Practice handshaking with a friend!

  1. Ask your interviewer questions

This interview is also a time for you to learn more about the company; you are also interviewing them as well. If you are curious about the company’s culture or  just have questions about the typical day at company, don’t be afraid to ask! You also want to make sure that they are a good fit for you too!

    6.    Follow-up

Send a thank-you note after your interview, a handwritten card goes a long way. You can say that you enjoyed meeting the interviewer and that you look forward to hearing from them soon. If they don’t get back to you in a reasonable amount of time (depends on the time frame that the interviewer gave you), don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or email interviewer. If you didn’t get the job, ask about improvements that you can make for the future. This is important, if their first choice candidate chooses not to go with the company, you might be the next favorable candidate because of your follow up.


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