5 Reasons We Love Ariana Grande

Without a doubt, Ariana Grande has gone through a lot in the past few years. With the attack on her Manchester concert and in-the-spotlight breakups, it’s important that we rally support for this incredible woman.


1. Cat from Victorious

There’s not much explanation to be done, but Cat Valentine was just a gift for us during the Victorious Era.

2. Broadway

In 2008, Ariana played a ‘popular’ girl in the Musical, 13. Even though she wasn’t a lead role, she was a lead vocalist on the show's original Broadway soundtrack and showed off her theatre skills. Just recently, Ariana performed "The Wizard and I" for an upcoming TV special honoring 15 years of the musical, Wicked.


3. Music

It’s undeniable that Ariana Grande has talent. She has 4 top charting albums and incredible singles that we’ve all gotten addicted to at some point in time. Break Free, Into You, God is a woman, and so many more.

4. Feminism

Ariana is one of the strongest female voices in media today, and she isn’t afraid to speak out. Through numerous interviews, tweets, and physically showing up to rally support, Ariana has proved that feminism is real and such a powerful thing.



5. Strength

After the attack on her concert in Manchester, Ariana put on a show in order to honor the 22 fans that passed away. Even though it was emotional, she found the strength to put on an amazing show and changed the lives of her fans.