3 Great Brunch Spots Near Campus

Although Bethlehem, PA isn’t the most well-know city in America, there are definitely a few gems in the Lehigh Valley when it comes to brunch spots. Near Lehigh’s campus one can brunch at Blue Sky Cafe, People’s Kitchen, and Billy’s Downtown Diner just to name a few. All of these spots are delicious, boast large menus, and require less than a few miles of walking or driving.

When heading into People’s Kitchen, I always feel removed from Bethlehem and immersed in this cozy and cute brunch spot that offers quite the creative menu. From croissant french toast to shrimp and grits crepes, People’s Kitchen offers delicious southern comfort in a brunch menu, right at your fingertips! Oh, did I mention breakfast mac and cheese?! The People’s Kitchen menu is unique to their joint, making it a fun place to go when you’re feeling like something different from your average omelette or pancakes. Of course, if you are down for the classics, People’s Kitchen does include some time-honored menu items as well. Prices are reasonable, and portions are large! Their menu is also aesthetically pleasing, which is another bonus as well. I would recommend People’s Kitchen if you’re in the mood for a brunch for foodie’s, or if you’re brunching with someone who likes trying new a new spot.


Billy’s Downtown Diner is your classic brunch spot with a big menu. Located right in the hub of North Bethlehem, Billy’s Downtown Diner has earned almost 5 stars online and offers a variety of brunch options. In addition to classic brunch items, you’ll find fun options anywhere from cannoli french toast to oatmeal and yogurt parfaits. Billy’s is the largest of the three brunch spots mentioned, perfect for a bigger crowd if you plan to brunch with more than a few of your friends or family.


Blue Sky Cafe is the closest brunch spot to campus, known for it’s big, fluffy pancakes (seasonal, sweet, and savory flavors all rotate frequently) and a mega-breakfast sandwich that includes avocados, eggs, and so much more. Whenever I visit Blue Sky Cafe I always try something new, whether it be a new combination of a make-your-own scramble, a new flavor of the seasonal pancake, or a tried-and-true classic item from the menu. Although Blue Sky Cafe is small, the quality and service is uncomparable. Blue Sky feels homey, serving coffee in old mugs and showing off their open kitchen in the middle of the action. I have been to brunch at Blue Sky more times than I can count, and it is always a must-stop whenever my dad is in town. He can’t get enough of their sandwiches, and we both love to split the “Big Daddy” or “Little Mama” pancake for a sweet treat on the side! Unlike other restaurants, the list of weekly specials should not be brushed aside. Blue Sky Cafe gets creative with their savory pancake, loaded scrambles, and their unique omelettes. The prices are inexpensive, and the food is delicious. Blue Sky is definitely my favorite of these three!

Happy brunching!