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11 Tips for Surviving Lehigh in the Winter

1. Buy yourself a pair of state of the art Crampons. You’ll need them to ice climb

2. Stock up on all the necessities. Venturing off the mountain during the winter must be reserved for emergencies only.

3. Do not feed the squirrels; this is a very unsure time for them. If given a small scrap, they will attack your friends, family and loved ones until every last scrap of food has been taken. Save yourselves. Follow @LehighSquirrel

4. Channel your inner Mackelmore and go thrift shopping to invest in a fracket with the best possible cheap/warm ratio. 

5. Make sure you own Black leggings and hunter rain boots with a north face rain jacket to fit in on rainy days.

6. Wear layers for those classic days that go from 0 degrees to 50 degrees within hours.

7. Lehigh’s mountain makes for epic sledding. Grab a tray or anything flat and slippery and make sure you know how to stop yourself. Cars, trees and frat houses are not recommended stopping mechanisms.

8. If conditions are bad, plan to leave a couple more minutes than usual to get to your first class if driving or taking the bus.

9. While you’re huddled miserably inside your igloo with nothing to do, give this cool party trick a try

Disclaimer: This has never been tried on cheap, college party beer.

10. When stepping outside in negative temperatures, you should resemble the Michelin man:

Avoid exposed extremities unless you fancy losing them.

11. If you have a car on campus, you will need:

  • An ice scraper
  • Snow tires
  • Tire chains
  • A warm blanket to keep for emergencies
  • Snow plow attachment
  • AAA on speed dial
  • Flares
I am a sophomore at Lehigh University and loving every single minute of it! I recently switched from the college of Arts and Sciences to the Business school with an intended major in Marketing and minor in Communications.
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