10 Fashion Trends to Prepare You for Spring and Summer 2017

Not sure what the fashion future holds this upcoming Spring and Summer? Don't worry, we have the coolest and most unique trends that are on their way to taking over the fashion world!



Who said workout clothes have to be ugly? These days, athletic pieces are just so cute; you'll wear them even if exercising is not necessarily your cup of tea.



Bright Colors

That’s right, the middle school neon phase is coming back. The upcoming seasons are definitely looking bright.



“Bra Out”

One of the few articles of clothing that was once forbidden to be seen is now coming out of hiding! There are many options when it comes to this style whether you just wear the bra or bralette, or you throw on a mesh shirt.



Unique Ear Candy

Bold moves are about to be made when it comes to earrings!



Readable Shirts

Why waste your breath when your shirt can speak for you?



Long Necklaces

While chokers dominated the recent past, long pendants are the new thing.




We aren’t just talking about a plain striped shirt. Be daring with the stripes.




We are all tied up this upcoming season. Now, laces aren’t just for your shoes.



Cool Khaki

Khaki isn’t all boring anymore! Neutrals and nudes, like khaki, are coming to take over.




Floral was all the rage in our pre teen years and this style is coming back for more fun!