10 Easy DIY Halloweek Costumes (that will actually last the whole night)

It’s that time of year again, and we are all frantically trying to come up with costumes we can figure out and not cry over if a drink gets spilled on it. So, here are 10 easy costumes you can put together with items in your everyday closet-- or your mocos clothes (either way, anything to avoid having to go out and find real costumes).


1. Unicorn


Items necessary:

  • Unicorn horn

  • Colorful tutu

  • Sparkles

  • White top




2. Fruit


Items necessary:



  • yellow dress

  • green paper to construct hat

  • Sunglasses



  • red dress or shirt

  • green paper to construct hat

  • Sunglasses



3. Sailors


Items necessary:

  • Navy skirt

  • White shirt tied up

  • Sailors hat



4. Deer


Items Necessary:

  • Brown dress

  • Deer ears

  • Brown and white makeup spots



5. Hunter/Army


Items necessary:

  • Camo pants or skirt

  • Black top

  • War paint




6. Arthur


Items necessary:

  • Yellow sweater

  • Glasses

  • Bear ears

  • Blue jeans



7. Elle Woods


Items necessary:

  • Pink sunglasses

  • Pink dress

  • Pink handbag

  • Pink heels

  • Fake puppy (in purse)

  • Obnoxious necklace (tiffany-esque)




8. Dora


  • Purple backpack

  • Pink shirt

  • Orange shorts

  • White shoes, yellow socks




9. Lilo (Lilo and Stitch)


Items necessary:

  • Red crop top

  • Green lei (for head, some for wrists)

  • Green pleated skirt




10. Black Swan


Items necessary:

  • Black eye makeup

  • Black makeup

  • Black tank top

  • Tiara