Zara's Best Secret Santa Gifts for Under £20! 

The Best Zara Secret Santa Gifts for Under £20! 

As you might have realised from my previous Christmas articles, I want this winter to be as colourful as ever. So my selection of presents is as funky as ever, and all under £20.


Gift number 1: Pompoms and faux fur have come into fashion this year, and there hasn't a better time to get your hands on something fluffy. Fluff keeps you warm in this winter weather, and pompoms make you feel like a very fashionable, walking Christmas tree. Perfect gift for your furry, Christmas loving friends. 

These Long Pom Pom earrings are from Zara and are only £12.99!

Gift number two: These funky key rings look great attached to a bag, a purse, or a coat; the perfect gift for those who don’t always want to make the Christmas effort, or who just don't have a Christmas tree to decorate, this will be a nice way for them to get in the festive mood! These funky key rings are another Zara pick for £12.99.

Pompom Heart Keyring £9.99


Who said your phone can’t be cold and Christmassy too this winter? Will look so cute for your next mirror selfie. guessed it, Zara!

What else would you need to buy for your sassiest sparkliest princess of a friend? You know, that one friend, who likes to be treated like royalty, who loves pink and pastels, and believes she is Sharpay from HSM? This one's for her. She’ll love it. 

This pink fluffy number is only £9.99.

...and this super cute blue one £15.99!

Author: Sarah Ashford-Brown

Photos all screenshots taken from hyperlinks.