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Why You Should Go ‘Into The Woods’

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a mega treat! 

The Music Theatre Society will be the ones you’ll meet.

You’re sure to have a really good time,

Now I better stop speaking in rhyme,

And probably should shut up and get on with the aaaaaarticle. 

If you love fairytales, the theatre and are looking for a great night of entertainment then you’d be crazy to miss Music Theatre Society’s upcoming performance of ‘Into the Woods’. 

Into the Woods combines the genius of Stephen Sondheim with the magic of the fairytales we grew up with to create a night of drama, entertainment and emotion. The show features a combination of Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and Rapunzel along with many others. They’re all intertwined in an original tale of the characters’ journeys ‘into the woods.’ First appearing in 1986 and moving to Broadway shortly after, the show has delighted crowds for nearly three decades, and we’re sure the delight will continue in University of Leeds’ very own production. 

Not only will the production feature some of the best voices on campus, it will also be accompanied by a 15 piece live band, also made up of students. Everything in this production (sets, lighting, the whole shebang) is created by LUU Backstage Society, which we’re sure will transport us away to a world of magic and mystery. Ellie Pead’s direction promises us a night of magic and imagination combined with a current of darkness, sure to captivate the audience. 

If you fancy a night of magical entertainment, make sure you go Into the Woods between the 19th– 22nd November in the Riley Smith Hall! Don’t delay, purchase your tickets today! 


Student Ticket: £6 Adult Ticket: £8 

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