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Why Veja Trainers Are Taking Over the World

From Meghan Markle to Hermione Granger (uh, I mean Emma Watson), Veja trainers are worn by all our favourite celeb fashion icons. Now, admittedly, they are on the upper end of the price range but in my opinion, they’re sooooo worth it.


We are moving into the time of year where your winter boots don’t quite feel right, but you’re not ready to dust the cobwebs off your Birkenstocks. Well, ladies and gents, I’ve got the thing for you!


Veja, meaning ‘look’ in Portuguese, is a super organic, bio-sourced and vegan shoe brand for all genders. They use a material called CWL, which is basically canvas covered in an oil made from corn. Cool, eh? They look after the environment and they suit everyone – no matter how you identify. So, what’s the downfall? Well unfortunately, they’re pretty damn pricey.


Money, money, money (*insert ABBA harmony*)

I love a white trainer just as much as the next person, but they are undeniably hard to maintain. Whether they’re £20 high street ones or £115 Vejas, they all end up marked and ready for the charity shop. So, when you are spending so much money on shoes, you want them to last. Luckily, I’ve learned just the trick. My Vejas are exclusively for high fashion days, where I really want to dress to impress. And preferably when I’m mostly indoors. If I’m going for a walk around the park, or nipping to the shops, the trusty high street ‘oldies but goldies’ will do.


So, are they worth the money? Well, that sorta depends. Ultimately, you’re paying to help the environment. So if this is something you’re passionate about, then yes, they’re worth it. Essentially, it costs Veja more to produce their shoes because they actively use suppliers outside of the Amazonian deforestation areas. So, it costs us (as consumers) more. Although it’s not just the environmentally friendly bit you’re paying for, it’s the FASHION! Meghan Markle, aka the most spoken-about woman on the planet right now, is wearing them… which means they are officially high fashion. And that officially makes me a sucker for Veja trainers.


Super Trouper (yep, I’m sticking with the ABBA theme)

For me, it’s their versatility that makes them. I can wear them with jeans and a jumper, or with a skirt, dress or even a nice wide-leg pant. They go with ANYTHING. So yes, they may cost slightly over the odds, but you will get a lot of wear out of them. You could even say they are super troupers. See what I did there?


Take a chance on me (ok, I’m done)

So, at the risk of sounding like a paid Instagrammer, I would certainly take a chance on a pair of Vejas. Get yourself in early, and you can wear them March through to October! At the very least, that’s less than £15 per month… and that’s assuming they only last a year.


They’re fashionable, they’re sustainable and they’re pretty darn cute. What’s not to love? So, treat yo self and join the Veja revolution!


Words By: Laura Cameron

Edited By: Mary White 

I'm an undergrad at the University of Leeds, studying for my degree in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies. I'm fuelled mostly by coffee, my love for dogs and my overly keen desire to share my opinions (and I have a fair few). You can usually find me phone-in-hand, scrolling through Instagram or shopping for clothes I really can’t afford.
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