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Why is my second year SO different than Freshers?!

The move into second year is bound to be a scary one. After the excitement of Freshers and meeting new people, it’s really time to buckle down…

A lot of things changed for me when I began second year, and here are a few of them I feel most people will encounter and should be prepared for…

  1. I actually want to go to lectures?

After a year of “first year doesn’t count towards my degree” basically being my personal mantra, starting second year was a whole new ball game. Setting myself the objective of attending every single lecture, seminar, workshop, you name it, I was ready to face the year. This worked for 3 weeks maybe? As soon as I discovered the beauty of lecture capture, my 9am lecture on business ethics could now be viewed from the comfort of my very own bed. Not the best start, but hey, at least I’m actually listening instead of mumbling under my breath about how tired I am every 2 minutes…

2. House arguments

In first year, the majority of our arguments stemmed from the classic question of which nights (if not all) we should go out on each week. This year, however, our arguments, which have become a LOT more heated, centre on which movie to stay in and watch, or whether we have permission to watch TOWIE every Sunday AND Wednesday. One weekend this resulted in the Virgin box being unplugged, and a resultant attempt by the girls to move the 40inch television up 3 flights of stairs so the boys couldn’t use it. It didn’t work.

3. Losing my patience

Going to the library in first year was the prime opportunity to check out the attractive older male students, and feel quite mature as I sat on Facebook pretending to write an essay. I always used to hate those people who would scowl at us when we talked for 2 seconds about the new Kim and Kanye drama. Now, however, I am one of those scowlers. My last stint in the Brotherton involved trying to dissect a very complex Law journal, when I was met with two first years who decided to “work together” in the library. We all know this does not work. This resulted in me learning nothing about law, but how to perfect my “bitch face” which clearly didn’t work, as they didn’t leave. Thanks guys.

4. Learning to live with people

Going from being in catered halls to a house where 8 people have to cook in one kitchen was a shock to the system. Going in with the confidence that we are all adults who have matured somewhat since beginning Fresher’s, I was not ready for the living habits of some of my housemates. One felt it completely acceptable to throw granola all over the living room, and then leave it for others to tread it into our already rank carpet… I’ve had to explain to multiple housemates that a piece of pasta will NOT go down the drain, and will clog up the sink, no matter how long you leave it there.

5. Can’t hack going out

Being a fresher means you have to go out every night, right? Surely you can’t miss Pound drinks at Halo on a Monday, Hifi bringing the best music on Tuesday, a little mischief at Warehouse on a Wednesday, Mission Thursdays and of course, Fruity Fridays. Coming into second year however, none of us can hack going out mid week. Partly because no one wants to be the one missing their morning lectures, but more generally because we just can’t handle the hangover. A night drinking now means I cannot move from my bed the next day without a Chichini’s sandwich and a can of Lilt (which has become an addiction now). I used to make it to 9am lectures after nights of straight drinking and 4 hours sleep, now, I achieve nothing. We have all mentally aged by 50 years, but secretly, we love staying in on a Thursday night to watch David Attenborough’s Life Stories.

6.Where has my money gone?!

Everyone eagerly awaits the day that our student loans finally come into our account. With bills coming out of another account, this money is all mine to “live” off. Being catered last year meant that all the money I had was to be used on club tickets and alcohol. I don’t even want to think about how much money I gave to One Stop solely for vodka last year. This year however, partly due to lack of going out, or perhaps very generous friends who insist on buying me drinks, on quite a few occasions I have left a night club having spent very little/ none of the money I brought out. Feeling rather proud of this, I choose to walk home to avoid taxi money. Easy. But then as we get closer to our house in Hyde Park, we pass the mass of fast-food outlets. Charco’s, The Royal Fish Bar (Royal? Really?), Milano’s and my personal favourite, Crispies. How can I pass up the great deal of 10 chicken nuggets for £2.50? Well, I cant. Meaning I break my notes on chicken nuggets, every, single, time. Which I don’t even enjoy because I consume all 10 in a sickeningly short amount of time. It’s a joke!

A lot has changed since first year, some for the good, and some for the not so good… Either way, I still love University life. Some things you’ve just got to get used to I guess.

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