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Kellyn Simpkin-Girl In Front Of Eiffel Tower France Hat Paris
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What We All Want from The Return of Emily in Paris

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Mon Dieu! The much-loved Emily in Paris has announced they are back on set to film the second season of everyone’s favourite voyage into the Parisian high life. When I say my expectations are high, I’m talking more drama, more fashion, and certainly more steamy scenes.


With not yet enough intel to know whether Netflix is due to satisfy my French dreams, I thought I would lay down the law for the producers here and now (just in case any Netflix executives happened to stumble upon my article). Netflix – do not fret, I’ve got all the answers on how to make season 2 of Emily in Paris, well, très bien.



 A love triangle is always a fan favourite, but one that incorporates a friendly Parisian mademoiselle, her (sorta) ex-boyfriend and our fave American abroad: TV gold. Season 1 ended with a passionate night between Emily and the gorgeous Gabriel (aka Lucas Bravo) fuelled by his imminent relocation to Normandy. However, things didn’t exactly go the way Emily expected when Gabriel received funding to keep his Paris restaurant. Oh la la!

Surely, this can mean only one thing for season 2? Romantic chaos! Will Camille find out about their steamy night together? Will Emily and Gabriel take their relationship underground? Will World War 3 break out? All are possibilities. To be honest, I’m not sure I care which of the above the writers choose as long as we get (as my sister beautifully put it): “more of the hot French guy… but naked.” Merci beaucoup.


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La Mode

 Fun fact: the costume designer for Emily in Paris was the designer on Sex and the City. Enough said.

As much as I try to ignore the fashion fads of the month, no one can be averse to a little bit of French styling, especially not on Lily Collins. Although a lot of the show’s fashion pieces were predominantly Chanel or Christian Louboutin, that doesn’t mean we can’t strive for the same style (on a more affordable budget). Blazers, miniskirts, cardigans, literally anything plaid, accessories, accessories and, um, more accessories. This season we aren’t just begging the series writers to fulfil our dreams, we are asking the costume designers to fulfil our wardrobes. S’il vous plaÎt.

Hannah Langley

Le Drame

 Alongside a dramatic love triangle, we are all desperate for a bit of Sylvie’s sarcasm and workplace ridicule. You never know, Emily and Sylvie could become best friends next season. Okay, maybe that’s not so realistic. Fine, we’ll settle for frenemies!

If season 1 is anything to go by, we can expect multiple men, multiple parties, and multiple dramatic storylines. That’s not to mention multiple steamy scenes… although perhaps not with 17-year-old younger brothers this season, hey Em?

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Photo by Annette Sousa from Unsplash

Whatever season 2 has stored for us, I’m sure we’ll get our fix of fashion, drama and of course love. In over a year without travel, I’ve never been more ready to experience that little bit of escapism, especially en Paris (insert French accent here).


With no official release date yet, we don’t know when Emily will reappear back on our screens. With some luck, we will know more regarding season 2 very soon. Until that day… au revoir for now!



Words by: Laura Cameron

Edited by: Isla Rush

I'm an undergrad at the University of Leeds, studying for my degree in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies. I'm fuelled mostly by coffee, my love for dogs and my overly keen desire to share my opinions (and I have a fair few). You can usually find me phone-in-hand, scrolling through Instagram or shopping for clothes I really can’t afford.
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