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What I Will Miss Most About Leeds

What I will miss most about Leeds

My Leeds journey is coming to an end, and after four long years with many thoughts such as ‘I cannot wait to finish’, I am actually quite sad to go now that the time has come. There have been ups and downs, but overall, Leeds has been amazing and such a big part of my life. So here are five things that I’m going to miss the most about our great little city…

  1. The Edge

    For many, The Edge is an overcrowded, sweaty, intimidating place. If you don’t get there before 8am or find that perfect slot around 12ish when everyone is dashing off for a lunch break it’s pretty much carnage in there where avid gym-goer  wait by the windowsills eyeing up their competition for who will get the machine first when it becomes free. However, for me, The Edge has been my little home for the past four years; a place I could always go whenever I felt stressed or bored and where I met a lot of friends. Every time I walk into The Edge I am almost guaranteed to see a friendly face and have a quick chat, get some advice about my workout or just have someone there I know I can call upon if I need a spotter. Gyms are intimidating and I totally emphasise with anyone who says The Edge can be too edgy at times – but I’m so used to working out there now and I’ve gone past the point of caring what others think. I am really going to miss strolling in there for an hour workout which turns into a two and half hour session once I get working jaw with friends! Also, my gym at home is NOT walking distance. I mean I could walk it, but it would take me about an hour and half…so bit of a motivation killer right there.

2. The Cafes

Oh there are so many to choose from and they’re all in walking distance. If you want a quick coffee and a cake, or if you’re after a sit down meal Leeds has everything you could want and more! My all-time favourite place to get a coffee from is of course Laid Laws infamous Café Nero – a cliché I know, but it’s right there on campus AND you get student discount AND I get free coffees on a weekly basis because of how quickly I fill up that stamp card! Nero never disappoints on the coffee front! I could sit now and list a million cafes I love, but I think if you know Leeds well enough you’d know that we’d be here forever. But a few favourites are Opposite – opposite Parkinson building – for lunch whether it’s a panini, a healthy salad or hearty soup. Or if I’m not venturing into Uni I might pop in Whites or LS6 for a slightly more ‘posher’ lunch menu. The thing is that no matter where you are or what you’re doing in Leeds, there is a café that’s selling something pretty good accompanied by a well-needed coffee. Back home in the suburbs, life just aint that sweet!

3. Living with friends.

Independent yet social – the perfect combination. Living with people during my four years of University has had its ups and downs, don’t get me wrong. However, I would say there has been more highs than lows – especially in my final year. I come home and I make my tea when I want to eat and I do my washing when it needs doing. I pretty much look after number one without having to worry about anyone else. That’s the independent side. The social side means I can have all that to myself, but also experience it with people who are doing the exact same thing as me. So when I cook my dinner for one, I’m accompanied by my housemates who are also cooking dinner for one. It’s nice to do things for yourself but share it with others. Never say never, but I can’t see myself living with friends in the future – or at least not as many. Like it’s getting to the stage of boyfriend/girlfriend move ins or couple sharing at a push…not sure how I feel about that last one though, to be honest…think that’s a defo make or break situation…what I mean is that I’ll never live with students/friends as a student again and I don’t think future situations would ever be the same!

4. There’s always SOMETHING to do

Are you bored? Do you fancy a drink? Fancy going to play bingo? Bowling? Dinner? Well Leeds has it ALL. And the best part is that it’s every night, (within reason), and it’s all on your door step! I can go for a drink with a friend to the pub that’s two minutes down the road, or if I’m fancying something a bit more up-market it’s just a short and cheap taxi ride away! Something is always happening in Leeds and there is always someone who is up for doing it with you! Back home, if you fancy a drink in somewhere other than a pub it means you have to get planning a night out and make it a thing because it’s not five minutes away. It’s effort. Of course, for some people that’s just city life, and their homes may well be in or on the boarder of a city. But you’ll struggle to find a place that’s as vibrant as Leeds…!

5. Societies

Okay this one is probably a bit more ‘What I’m going to miss about the University of Leeds’ based but it applies. Joining societies at Uni was the BEST decision I ever made. Look at me know writing an article for Her Campus which I am also Editor-in-Chief of (not for long though L). I’ve joined a powerlifting society and met a bunch of like-minded people and even competed in powerlifting comps representing University of Leeds which is something I’ve always wanted to do I just couldn’t find the sport to do it in (we won by the way!) The societies I’ve joined have given me some of my best friends and experiences in Leeds and it’s kind of sad to think that I’ll probably never be a part of anything like this again. Advice for anyone considering to join something – DO IT. My only regret is that I didn’t join in first year. Also, try new things. I’ve tried a bunch of societies but only stuck to a few – I’ve found my feet there but I’m glad I had a taste of the other societies so I know what I like and what I don’t. I think leaving the societies that I’ve joined and the friends I’ve met there is probably the thing I am going to miss the most about Leeds, but I have the memories and the experiences…

Leeds, it’s been a blast. Some of the hardest but also some of the best years of my life. You’ll be greatly missed, but I’ll pop in and show my face now and again…!

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