Urban Decay: "Born to Run" Palette Review.

Today I will be reviewing the kind-of-new eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay: a brand renowned for its innovation and style. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

The palette itself features photos that help re-establish the travel theme that runs throughout this whole collection. Although I have read some comments about how it felt like a rushed job or a result of a quick google search that made it look cheap. However, in my opinion, I think it looks super pretty and these photos are what distinguish it from my other palettes. The palette has a nice weight to it - which you would expect from a more expensive palette but it is still light enough to travel with. It does feature a large mirror that I love because it means you can do your makeup with it on the go without traveling with another compact.

I do have one issue with the packaging though, and that’s with what I’m going to call the ‘hinge’ (it’s the canvas-like material that combines the mirror compartment to the eyeshadows). The choice of this flexible material causes the two components to sometimes appear misaligned and, in my opinion, cheapens the feel of it. I do worry about wear and tear especially as this is advertised as a “travel palette”.

When I first saw this palette, I was super excited by the colour scheme. It seemed to incorporate an array of undertones that actually inspired me which is quite something when companies are churning out palettes every day. You have wearable neutrals, pops of colour, and shades that I found very unique to this palette. As you can see from the swatches all the shades were highly pigmented, but I did notice a difference in texture. I found all of the mattes very powdery to touch but with some being rougher than others. Then I found the shimmers, strangely enough, had the same texture par ‘Drift’ which is by far the smoothest and creamiest shade in the whole palette. But, thankfully, I found they all applied beautifully on the lid and I had no problems blending.


The first thing I noticed when I started putting together my first look was that I was pining after a more neutral transition shade which I do think is missing from this palette. But I reached for ‘Riff’ which would be beautiful as a transition shade on deeper skin tones but was a touch too dark for me (medium skin tone). However, I did find that it blended so well I could really sheer it out and I was very happy with it. This really exemplified the versatility of the palette. My favourite shades are ‘Big Sky’, ‘Blaze’, ‘Hell Ride’ and is it really an Urban Decay palette without good old ‘Smog’.

Unlike my other Urban Decay palettes there wasn’t any fall out with these shades when I used it with a primer. Even with the brighter shades the colours were just as vibrant on my eyes as they were in the pan, which with a lot of palettes these days isn’t the case.

To conclude, I love, love, love this palette. The thin packaging, the blendable formula, and the arrangement of shades initially attracted me to this palette and I think they really complement my medium skin tone. But I think regardless of skin tone anyone can enjoy these eyeshadows! I can’t recommend this enough. But let me know in the comments below what you think if you have this palette or are looking to try it out!