University of Leeds' Annual "Take Me Out"

Come and join RAG to watch Leeds University’s Annual Take Me Out event!

Are you a member of the University of Leeds? Are you a fan of take me out?

If yes, even if you aren’t a student, now is your chance to watch the university’s exclusive version of Take Me Out.

RAG has partnered up with the Leeds Uni Boob Team to host this exclusive event and it will be taking place in Riley Smith Theatre at 7pm on 28th November.

Students will be taking part in the event with a range of 20 girls to pick from, for 8 special guys. It will be just like the TV show with 3 stages to go through before they get a date; the introduction, the video about them and round 3 which includes either a video of their friends exposing a secret or the main guy showcasing one of his special talents. If you’re not familiar with the show but find the concept interesting, here’s a little snippet to watch!

In the past few years, the event has been held continuously and is always popular amongst students. Here are some of the lucky ladies who have been chosen to participate along with their dating profiles.

First, we have:

Name: Jaspreet Sohal Also known as: Princess JP/Jaz Age: 19 City: Bedford University Course: Geography  Dream Occupation: Indian Holly Willoughby Seeking: A confident sexy single guy Celebrity Crush: Theo James A song that describes my love life: Marvin’s Room – Drake


Second, we have:

Name: Imogen Scott Also known as: Imogen Age: 20 City: Oxford University Course: Nutrition  Dream Occupation: Hummus Taster Seeking: A karaoke partner for Bierkeller Tuesdays Celebrity Crush: Owen Farrell A song that describes my love life: Food, glorious food - Oliver


Third, we have:

Name: Samantha Wiggins Also known as: Princess Sam Age: 20 City: Preston University Course: Law Dream Occupation: A member of ABBA Seeking: Someone nice (pleaseeee) Celebrity Crush: Michael Bublé A song that describes my love life: Not Good Enough – The Saturdays


And lastly:

Name: Katie Main Wilson Also known as: Katie Age: 21 City: Brighton University Course: Law Dream Occupation: WAG Seeking: The man of my dreams Celebrity Crush: Lady Hale A song that describes my love life: Bad – Michael Jackson


There will be two girl’s profiles released every day until the event on 28th November, so stay tuned to the Rag’s page if interested! These are the first four girls, so there are 16 more to look forward to. If this looks like fun, then spread the word to your classmates and friends and come along.

All proceeds for this event go towards the Community Fund. The Community Fund is a collection of money that is distributed in the form of grants to local Leeds charities who do not benefit from regular donations and have an annual turnover of £100,000 or less.

Tickets are £4.50 each. If you are interested in more information, here is the link:

Ever thought of going on a dating show?

Well there are some upcoming events…  you’ve missed this opportunity of Take Me Out as recruiting has ended but you can still attend the show as a member of the audience on the 28th November. RAG will be holding the university’s First dates event next semester, if you’re interested keep your eyes out on our Facebook page.