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The Umbrella Academy Season Two Trailer Has Got Me Way Too Excited

Usually, I am not really interested in Sci-Fi movies or TV-shows. But since I worship the ground that Gerard Way walks on, I had to give The Umbrella Academy a try when it came out last February and it had just enough drama and lovable characters to get me hooked. As I am writing this, the trailer for season two was released an hour ago and I am officially counting down the days until its release (31st July). Here is why the trailer got me so excited…

(warning: major season one spoilers)

1963: At the end of season one, our favourite siblings decided to travel back in time (at the very last moment) in order to prevent all of the events that will lead to Number Seven-Vanya Hargreeves (played by Ellen Paige) ending the world with her extraordinary violin skills. We left season one on a cliffhanger as Number Five (played by Aidan Gallagher) reminded his siblings that time travel is very unpredictable and you never know where you will end up. Fans of the comic will have likely anticipated where the Hargreeves end up however the rest of us uncultured folk who don’t know (I am one of you) will have just found out from the trailer that the siblings ended up in 1963.

I cannot wait to dive into 1963 with the seven siblings and explore a fictional (and probably more exciting) version of the year my mum was born in. Also, even though we, unfortunately, did not see much of Allison in the trailer (Emmy Raver-Lampman), I have to say that 1963 looks great on her

Klaus is being worshipped?  Klaus Hargreeves (played by Robert Sheehan) mentions his cult in the trailer so we can only assume that the people circling Klaus in blue shirts (at: 0:29 in the trailer) are in his cult. I don’t know why I was not invited but please take this as my formal application to the Klaus cult. 

Ben may be alive: In season one we only saw Ben (played by Justin H. Min) through Klaus whose power is séance since he died as a child in battle with his siblings. He is also in the new trailer quite a bit, but this may well be just through Klaus’ séance again.  However since the year is 1963, Ben will not have died yet, and Klaus did bring him into the time travel circle. So I have all of my extremities crossed that we do actually get to meet Ben Hargreeves alive this season

The world is ending again: As previously stated, Number Five took his siblings back in time with the assumption that the world would always end in 2019, so the plan was to buy more time to stop this. But this did not go to plan. Number Five is told at the beginning of the trailer that they actually only have ten days until the world ends on November 28th 1963. It sounds like this season will be just as action-packed as the first. 

There was dancing in the trailer:

If you have not seen season one, or somehow forgot the hilarious dancing montage to ‘I think we’re alone now’, then enjoy: 


Words By: Alice Colton

Edited By: Dasha Pitts-Yushchenko 

Philosophy student from the University of Leeds who watches way too much 'teen TV'. HC Leeds president 2020/21 <3  Read more on my blog: https://alicecolton.wixsite.com/website
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