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Travel Blog: Paris

Travel Blog: Paris J’adore Paris!

Since I’ve been keeping busy over the summer, visiting various wonderful places in Europe, I thought I’d continue sharing my travel experiences. First on the list then, is no other than Paris, the city of love. (And the city of baguettes, cheese and lots of wine!)

Of course, we all know the most famous site to visit in Paris, that being the Eiffel Tower, but what is it that makes it so iconic? I don’t know the answers exactly, and everyone’s own experience is different. But what I will say is it brings about a feeling, a tingling, an amazement. You climb the many stairs leading from the underground out onto the street and are forced to stop, observe and admire the interwoven beams of the iron tower that projects into the Parisian skies. Whether you’ve only seen it in films, or whether you’ve seen it a thousand times, this breathlessness is the same.

Romance is everywhere! And I am not just referring to the many couples strolling down the Champs-Elysees hand-in-hand. It’s in the language, the architecture, the streets. Standing on a bridge overlooking the deep blue waters of the River Seine which is overlooked by the Eiffel Tower, a cart rides past and stops at the foot of the bridge. Curious bystanders muse over, and form a queue. What’s he selling? Nothing other than fresh, warm and tasty crepes! Their sweet scent drifts over followed by the smooth lyrical French voices. Voila! You’re in Paris.

After you’ve strolled by the Louvre’s glistening triangular prism, bought a soft whipped flavoured ice cream after munching on macaroons, what better way to experience Paris than to behave like a Parisian? Luxemburg Park is filled with beautiful trees and pretty flowers, the perfect spot for a picnic. Pick up some fresh cheeses, a bottle of wine and perhaps some cured meats and you’re almost there. Your final purchase should come from the local bakery for a crispy, yet soft taste of Paris; the world famous French baguette. Très bien!

The list is endless for the wonders that exist within the Parisian streets. Notre Dame, for me, stands in a league of its own for cathedrals, with its unique flat roof, hundreds of gargoyles and multiple circular windows. Is it any wonder that this place is so cherished?

There’s something very special about Paris. I don’t believe that anybody could truly become tired of this city. I left feeling that I wanted more but I don’t think I’ll ever have enough of Paris; it has stolen my heart forever.


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