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Travel Blog: London

This week, I’m staying close to home with my travels, albeit at the opposite end of the country, and talking about our fantastic capital, London. A worldwide attraction, famous for the Queen and our famous English Breakfast Tea, equally, you’ll struggle to find a spot that’s not filled with a variety of people. The cultural vibe is vibrant and it’s not a surprise if you head down south to this city and remind yourself why.  Perfect for a weekend getaway, you’ll never struggle with finding things to do in this diverse city.

Considering my most recent trip neglected all the ‘hot spots’ of London, and was a what you might regard as a bit more of a chilled, leisure trip then a fast and furious tourist trip, I’ll leave out all the general knowledge of London – we all do, of course, know about the palace and parliament, I don’t need to bore you with advice telling you to go there! So instead, I’ll talk give you a little taste of my weekend, which you might want to try, after you’ve seen all of the more renowned sites.

Now, the main purpose of this particular trip was to visit the West End. So, that’s where we headed first in search for the perfect show to tickle our fancy. With a range to choose from, we finally decided that Motown was the one to watch, and we weren’t disappointed! I’ll save you a review, I’m sure you can find that online elsewhere, but it was unbelievable! Of course, it is in the West End for a reason, so I highly doubt anything could be too disappointing. After was followed by dinner and drinks in Covent Garden, which, if I’m being honest, was nice, but unless you’ve got the big money to spend, then don’t be surprised if it’s not quite up to expectation in terms of value for money…! The drinks were good though, I don’t really think they’re too difficult to mess up..!

I’m just going to talk about one particular place in London, and that is the pretty, colourful streets of Notting Hill. One famous street in particular, Portabella Road, not surprisingly caught my attention. Flags attach the houses to each other, as the smell of fresh warm crepes plays with senses. But one particular place, Gail’s Artisan Bakery, stole my heart. There are a whole host of cakes to choose from and a tasty menu to grab lunch! The mushroom Ragu is particularly fantastic for anyone keen for something different! And that was finished off with the most amazing almond croissant! After having walking our breakfast off, we stopped off in a little Cheese Shop, La Cave a Fromage, for a delicious cheese board, washed down with some silky smooth French wine! There are so many places to chooses from, including pubs and bars along the street, that you’re bound to find something that’s up your street!

So get to London when you can, and have a ball!

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