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Travel Instagram accounts make up most of my daily feed – more than friends & family – which either shows my dedication or unhealthy obsession with travel. Either way, I decided to take on the difficult task of compiling a list of just some of my favourite accounts to share with others wanting to escape from the madness of this year, or to even start planning your next trip (or ten). 


1) @wegonnatravel 

Look no further for a collection of the best travel pictures captured by travellers worldwide. This is the page I visit when the wanderlust just becomes too much. Each post feels like a magical escape from the real world into a travel daydream. To be honest, I don’t think it cures wanderlust; it probably makes it even worse.


2) @shetravelledtheworld 

Image courtesy of @shetravelledtheworld 

Now, this page is a personal favourite. With dreamy pictures, amazing tips on cheap & easy travel, & the perfect balance of popular & tucked-away places around the world, what more could you want from a travel account? Courtney’s free-spirited attitude is inspirational & after one browse of her page, you feel as though you’ve been on the adventure with her. The more you scroll, the more you’ll find handy, unique tips specific to the places she visits (which you won’t find in your average travel guide).


3) @luciagrace 

Image courtesy of @luciagrace 

Lucia never fails to provide her followers with glamourous snaps of her travels, & you can expect plenty more from Bali as she has recently moved to the tropical paradise. Along with great insights as to what it’s like to be a Brit living on the island, she also shares lots of cute cafes & stunning sunsets on the beach (enabling you to live the island life vicariously through her account).


4) @cherrielynn 

Image courtesy of @cherrielynn 

Now, some travel instagrammers may stick to the same few popular tourist destinations, but that’s not Cherrie’s style. I’ve added so many more countries to my travel list after seeing her in a different continent every other week; she is truly discovering all the world has to offer. Her dreamy edits are made even better by her amazing outfits!


5) @solarpoweredblonde 

Image courtesy of @solarpoweredblonde 

Here we have another full-time travel goddess blessing us with picture-perfect glimpses of her adventures across the world. Scrolling through her feed, I just want to be her: living my best life & working my way through the most breath-taking places in the world. Her snaps capture the beauty of any & every place she visits.


6) @girlgoneabroad 

Image courtesy of @girlgoneabroad 

A page sprinkled with the small details that make up the magic of travel, Lauren notices intricate beauties that the average tourist is sure to miss. From capturing majestic libraries to stunning views free from crowds, she encompasses the curious spirit of a true traveller.


7) @christabellatravels 

As she points out in her bio, Christa is a digital nomad career coach; her job is to help others work remotely anywhere in the world, just like she does. This explains why her feed shows her working in any place imaginable, which I admit is difficult to look at whilst stuck at home studying. But I guess it eases the jealousy when she’s sharing her secrets on how to live the exciting nomadic lifestyle.


8) @nomadicmatt 

With 120k followers, I think it’s safe to say that Matt’s travel account is a favourite of many. Not only does he share his stories from his years of experience being a nomad, he also offers advice to novice travellers on how to travel on the cheaper side. He’s even written several travel guides! So, if you’re looking for advice from a travel professional, along with gorgeous photography, this is the page for you.


9) @spiritedpursuit 

Lee’s bio simply says “Ease, Travel and Style”, & I couldn’t describe her page any better. It’s a combination of luxury yet peculiar hotel room décor, endless crystal-clear ocean snaps, & a healthy dose of both tropical island paradise & bustling city life. Her page oozes luxury & glamour; it’s a treat to scroll through.


10) @mytravelation 

Image courtesy of @mytravelation 

I could get lost scrolling through this dreamy page (and I often do). Each photo is a literal masterpiece ­– beautifully edited, completely different from the last, & a little bit magic. You can truly appreciate Natalie’s love for travel & the world through the uniqueness of her photography. Her stunning outfit inspiration is a bonus!


Words By: Olivia Flower

Edited By: Megan Clayton 


English Language and Linguistics student at the University of Leeds. Lover of all things related to food, travel, astrology, spirituality and feminism.
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