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Top Movies to Watch THIS Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! The increased excitement of receiving, kisses, chocolates, and flowers is in the air!

I love Valentine’s day for few reasons but majorly because it’s the day when I truly see the town painted red…there is kindness and love all around us, and well… I’m a sucker for good chocolate.

Take a moment to appreciate yourself if you are single or appreciate your togetherness if you’re in a relation, by adding doing something different to celebrate the occasion.

There are many ways, but my ideal date with myself or with a special someone is watching some fun movies. Therefore, I have compiled a list of my top movies and TV show choices.  Some will remind you of your strength and some will remind you of the power and comfort of love…


1. The Intern

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When you’re retired and done everything you set on your bucket list, what’s next? Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro) takes on the challenge by joining a group of senior interns at an online fashion brand led by the powerful Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).

2. The Princess Diaries 2

(Image: Amazon)

What does a girl do when she’s forced to marry a guy she’s never met, because she won’t be able to rule her beloved country? Follow Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) as she blazes the trail in her homeland of Genovia by encouraging her country to have a more progressive and feminist attitude towards women in charge.

3. Queen

This is a Hindi movie but you can get English subtitles, it has won several awards and must be recognized for its amazing story line and feminist lead.

Rani (Queen) is all set to marry her boyfriend. Her family is excited, and the biggest thing she is looking forward to is going to Europe for the first time on her honeymoon. However, everything is put to a halt when her boyfriend decides the day before the wedding that he’s not ready to marry Rani. Now while the timing and event was completely horrible, Rani decides that even if she’s not getting married, she ready for some independence in her life. She decides to go on her all expenses paid honeymoon alone and explore cities like Paris and Amsterdam by herself.

Tv Shows

1. The Bold Type

(Image: Amazon)

Three strong and independent women take on New York City, as they navigate through their careers, relationships and life with an empowered and positive attitude.

2. Brooklyn 99

(Image: Tracking Board)

I don’t think I need to convince readers a whole lot about watching Brooklyn 99, as 90% of my friends are counting down the days till they get to watch season 5 on Netflix.(March 8th btw)  But if there are any people who don’t know about this show – here’s the gist. This workplace comedy explores and showcases the life of a select group of detectives in a police precinct in Brooklyn New York. Mixed with a whole lot of comedy and intrigue, this is a great light-hearted show full of energetic laughs.

Romantic Comedies

1. To All The Boys I Loved Before

(Image: Kids Kunst)

Watch how Lara Jean (Lana Condor) deals with the fact that the letters she wrote about how much she loves her crushes are actually sent to the respective boys in her high school.

2. Set It Up

(Image: Geeks)

A perfect modern romantic love story. Assistants try to ease their workload by setting up their bosses but end up feeling something for each other in the process.

3. Bride Wars

(Image: IMDb)

 I have watched this movie countless times, and I never get bored. Follow the story of two best friends who end up having their respective weddings on the same date and at the same location. Watch how they take on the battle of cakes, dresses, and champagne!

4. Crazy Rich Asians

(Image: Psychology Today)

The best movie of 2018 in my opinion. Another modern take on a love story between two people from different backgrounds, and how some members of the family don’t approve of the relationship. Take a trip to Singapore with Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) and Nick Young (Henry Golding) as they attend their best friend’s wedding and realize that their simple relationship might be more complicated than ever. Also, fair warning, be prepared to have massive cravings for Laksa, Satay, and Pork Noodles.

International Business and Marketing student at the University of Leeds. My interests include food, travel, great TV shows, and keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and beauty. If you're interested in my favorite food finds from around the world, follow me on @thehungrytourist on Instagram.
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