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Top Alternative Valentine’s Plans in Leeds

After years of only besotted couples celebrating the big V day, new ways to boycott Cupid’s day of love are becoming increasingly popular, sparked in part by the incredible Leslie Knope and her Galentine’s Day Extravaganza. Countless articles suggest some truly inspired ways to make the most of a day that, let’s face it, really isn’t the best for those of us who are riding solo. While many of these options are great, the *mild* Leeds climate, not to mention our busy schedules and student budgets, might make some of them a tad unattainable.

So, I’ve found some of the best alternative ways to spend Valentine’s in Leeds for anyone who wants to skip the clichéd romance while still taking advantage of the cheap drinks deals and cheesy decor…

Anti-Valentine’s Night

Where – Thackray Medical Museum

When- February 14th

For those staunchly opposed to all things romance, Thackray Medical Museum are hosting an over-18s anti-valentine’s (sheep) heart dissection session, followed by a film screening. Not for the faint-hearted, this unique event is running from 7-10pm, with tickets (£11) availble online at www.thackraymedicalmuseum.co.uk. It’s sure to be a heart-y evening! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist..).


Galentine’s Day

Where – Leeds University

When – February 13th

“What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh it’s only the best day of the year”! Galentine’s day has spread to cities across the globe, and Leeds is no exception. Being held in the heart of Leeds University, this year’s schedule includes classes from Vertical Fitness, Thai Boxing and InnerSense Yoga, as well as some hard-hitting talks to raise awareness about women’s issues, such as a gender-neutral language workshop, Consent 101 and a discussion about the role of women in Islam, being run by the university’s Islamic Society (ISoc). This is going to be a great event – make yourself a part of it by searching ‘Galentine’s Day’ on Facebook!


Leeds Valentines Fun Fair

Where – Elland Road

When – Thursday 11th – Sunday 21st February

Roller coasters, dodgems, waltzers, a ferris wheel and giant teddy bears – what more could you want? For anyone looking to fill up on candy floss and tiny donuts, the fair is back in town. That’s right; the annual week-long Valentine’s Fun Fair is here once again, ready to satisfy the inner child in all of us. To save money and get some fair vouchers, head to www.valentinesfair.co.uk!


Belgrave Feast

Where – Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen

When – February 13th

Instead of an awkward dinner date, take some friends to Belgrave Music Hall and gorge yourselves on an unacceptable amount of food. With three floors of food, drink, music, art and cinema, Belgrave Feast really has it all covered – and it’s completely free!


‘Palentine’s’ Day

Where – Anywhere

When – This Valentine’s weekend!

While this isn’t technically an organised event, it’s still a great alternative to a lonesome Valentine’s! Instead of seeing love in the context of a relationship, celebrate how much you love your friends and go for a meal, to the movies, or even just to the pub. Palentine’s is all about spending time with the people who make your life brighter, and appreciating how much you care about them! Cute cards, soppy films, piles of food and excessive drinking are all optional, but advised.







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