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Tinder Chat-Up Lines To Help Keep You Warm This Winter

So, as the title suggests, I went on the infamous app used by nearly everyone out there at least once; whether it's to actually find someone or out of curiosity. A lot of people don't know what to say after they match with someone and wait for people to message them first. But, sometimes that doesn't happen and the guy that looked oh-so-good when you matched is forgotten and turns into a distant memory.

I decided to gather up a few pick-up lines, ranging from casual to saucy depending on what you're looking for to break the ice. I tried and tested the pick-up lines and have provided the results below to show how my discovery went. Just be alert to any cringey-ness that may be coming your way.

I must say I matched with a lot of guys from the University of Leeds but to protect their identity I cropped out their names and profiles. However, feel free to use one of these lines yourself and try to match with a fellow student!

1. "I'd ask you to come watch a movie with me, but they don't let snacks in"

This pick-up line is cheesy but works nearly every time, the guys seem to love it. It could borderline on the level of cheekiness as the role could be switched into a Netflix and chill session, just like this guy did.

2. "I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?"

I had to give myself a motivational push as this line is very straightforward and cuts to the chase but here you go ladies and gentlemen - it works! I was honestly so surprised when I got his number (which I had to blank out obviously) but this line is clearly a winner if you have the confidence. Just try to push through the initial anxiety and remember there's a phone screen between the two of you so if it doesn't work then don't fret, you're saved from the embarrassment.

3. "What kind of Uber are you - long or short rides?"

We all love Uber, don't we? We have to admit that we prefer short Uber trips but when it comes to guys in a different context, I'm sure we all want a long ride (wink wink). Even though this pick-up line makes it clear what answer you want and adds a bit of flirtation and sauciness.

This guy doesn't seem to care what he gives when he's drunk so maybe be careful of not being disappointed! Better to know now than a bit too late, after all.

4. "Do you know what'd look good on you? Me"

This is my ultimate favourite pick-up line by far, it's smooth, flirtatious and can be interpreted in different ways. Also, the guys seemed to love it too - as you can see, drawing them in with the question. However, this pick-up seems to be quite popular, so some may already know the answer but play along like the guy below did. Either way, it breaks the ice and starts a hopefully good conversation as to why you'd look good on him.

5. "I like camping but I never could light a fire. Maybe your wood can keep me warm?"

My friend suggested this line to me and my mouth fell open in shock when I read it because of how straightforward it was. But, it's a smart play on words so I though I would give it a go and see if it did may any favours. Despite my diversion mentioning McDonalds as I tried to pull the guy's leg for a laugh, he enjoyed it and jumped to the chase. So, girls, if you want someone to keep you warm over a hypothetical camping trip then this is the pick-up line for you!

6. "You can say I get uncomfortable sitting on chairs sometimes. So, maybe I can sit on you?"

Lastly, I would like to say this is the best response I've received out of all the guys. Here's the right level of cheeky reference to the pick-up line which has managed to either get a smile of a laugh out of all of us.

So, there you go. Here are 6 pick-up lines we can use on dating apps, as it is a little hard to find ones for chicks to use as they are mainly targeted towards men. I hope many of you will be brave, confident, and get what you want by using one of these pick-up lines!

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