Here’s the latest thrillers to watch now on Netflix whether it’s on your account or your friends’. Make the most of it and get a thrill from the building anticipation, mysteriousness, and occasional scare with these recommended movies:

1. Birdbox (2018)

Shield your eyes or else…

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this movie and there are some who are questioning whether the press is well deserved. The plot begins with everyone living normally until an unknown epidemic spread from country to country. The epidemic is more like an entity which changes form to accommodate each individual person’s worst nightmare. If you see the entity, you die.

Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) is pregnant when returning from the hospital with her sister who becomes affected and tries to kill them by crashing their car. She survives and manages to stay in a home with other survivors but without any sight of the outside world in fear of becoming infected. Watch as Malorie tries to save her children and herself by escorting themselves around the wreckage in America in the hopes of finding refuge.

2. Hush (2016)

Hide and Seek without the ability to hear

This would be anyone’s nightmare despite having a disability or not. Maddie (Kate Siegel) lives in the forest and is deaf. She soon discovers that someone is stalking her after she’s sent pictures of herself from outside her building.

Watch as anticipation builds after a masked man reveals himself to her and tries to break into her house to sadistically torture her until he gets what he wants. A fight for survival is in motion full of fear and suspense as Maddie has to come up with unique ideas to win the sinister battle for life or death with her potential murderer.

3. The Strangers (2018)

Prey at night.

So without watching the first movie, I jumped to the sequel which is based on another family with problems. A parental unit with a teenage son and daughter. The daughter, Kinsey (Bailee Madison) seems to be a rebellious character and has committed an act which is referred to throughout the beginning of the movie but is unknown to the audience, causing her parents to send her off to boarding school, which she isn’t happy about.

On the way to dropping Kinsey off to her school, the family decides to stay at a relative’s trailer in an isolated trailer park where things already seem suspicious but aren’t given a second thought. A family argument occurs resulting in Kinsey storming out of the trailer, she sees a stranger walking around in an oversized scary mask giving her an eerie feeling. One by one, three strangers expose themselves to the family wearing purge-like masks and act like it too, seeking to be sadistic and torture them for pleasure. Watch for anticipation of a family playing hide and seek with sick characters hiding behind masks.

Remember, this one is based on true events.

4. My teacher, My obsession (2018) 

Not your typical teenage girl.

There’s been a trend of teacher/student romances but this one takes a dark turn into a psychological thriller rather than a romantic comedy. There is a father and daughter; Chris and Riley move to a new city and enrol at a new school as teacher and student.

Riley is a typical high school student who’s keen on making friends and her dad is the hottest teacher in school, who all the girls are pining over. Watch one girl’s obsession (Kyla) result in befriending and manipulating Riley into getting closer to her father, with attempted seduction and violence involved.

I personally thought the movie was average, bordering on good as Kyla’s actions were suspicious but the details based in the psychopathic way she thinks makes it more enjoyable.

5. Dismissed (2017) 

Handsome but crazy student

Former Zack and Cody actor, Dylan Sprouse stars as a psychopathic student, Lucas, who is a perfectionist and strives for an excellent student appearance and grades as well as in extra curricular activities.

When his teacher gives him less than a A*, he finds subtle ways to threaten Mr. Butler causing harm to many people around him as they get involved in his twisted games. There aren’t many dark movies like this but Lucas plays an intelligent, handsome student who has a lot of potential but is empty on the inside which represents the subversiveness of YA (young adult) fiction.

6. Escape Room (2017)

Would you play an exclusive game?

Now for an adult based movie, It starts with a group of 6 rich friends celebrating the protagonists; Tyler’s birthday (Evan Williams) which his girlfriend Tabby plans. After dinner and drinks with their friends, everyone is drunk when Tabby informs them about an exclusive escape room invite she received and booked for them without knowing much about it, deciding to be adventurous to which the group reluctantly agrees.

They go into a black van without any windows, popping bottles unknown of their whereabouts and sacrifice their phones and vision through being blindfolded once they arrive. They all wake up is separate rooms, with some people coupled together.

At first the movie seems normal, but there’s a sinister appeal to the game as people end up dying one by one if they can’t escape. There is romance and adventure blooming in the air, but also lying, cheating, seduction and uncertainty of who the culprit is.