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Things To Do In Berlin, Germany

After having visited Berlin in December for Christmas, I combined a few recommendations of places to go and things to do in the popular city.

1. Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall is definitely a visit after hearing you teacher drone on about it during history class at GCSE. It may not have seemed appealing then but now it is filled with lots of different paintings, graffiti and art work in various forms that are eye-catching and would make amazing insta-worthy pics!

2. Berlin Dome

The dome is very aesthetic in itself giving off gothic vibes. You can enter the dome and even go upstairs to the viewing dock for a small price if you want a nice view of the city. It is located on museum island (not an actual island as I first assumed), it is an area with many museums cluttered about making it easier for tourists to visit them one after another.

3. Benedict for Breakfast

Get the best breakfast at Benedict; their stacked pancakes are very popular, sweet and filling (they are priced around £8-12 depending on mini pancakes as seen below or bigger American style pancakes for a higher price). The layout and design of the restaurant is comfy and bright with glass windows giving you a view of people passing on the streets and a nice background for your food pics.  It is really busy though, we had to wait an hour for a table without a reservation, so if you do plan on going, make sure to make a booking in advance.

4. Brandenburger Tor

One of the more touristy places to visit, it resembles a fake L’arc de Triomphe but it’s worth visiting with plenty of fancy restaurants around to go for dinner. The sight looks better at night with the lights on illuminating it further. Check out the trains at the underground for Brandenburger Tor’s station as they are decorated with the image of the building which is pretty cool.

5. Charlottenburg palace

The Charlottenburg palace is definitely a sight to see, it is big and aesthetically beautiful with a land of green grass in front of the building which gives it a picturesque look. You can visit the palace inside, but tickets have to be purchased. The pictures are from the winter Christmas markets.

6. Visit A Club

I didn’t get a chance to go but my friend did and told me it is a “must do” in Berlin. Many clubs are open during the entire weekend with queues going for hours, held in big warehouses with a number of rooms playing different music genres.

Be aware, some clubs are really exclusive, bouncers may ask who is playing on the night so if you don’t know the name of the DJ you may be sent away, or if you don’t speak German as that has happened. Also look out for dress codes, as some places require an all black outfit. The most exclusive club in Berlin is Berghain.

7. Go to a Shisha Hotspot

Liv is one of the shisha lounges we visited and it defo met my expectations. First of all, the workers were good looking and spoke perfect English so a bit of eye candy was provided. The shisha and drinks tasted amazing with great music in the background from German to Spanish rap. It is quite a cool hipster place to visit if you’re seeking alternative nightlife.

That’s the end to a list of things to do in Berlin. Hope some of these places stood out to you and you’ll visit on your trip to Germany or recommend them to your mates or family.



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