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The Date Night Diaries: Episode 4 – Leeds Cinema Review

Movie nights, whether at home or in the cinema, are the perfect way to chill as a couple or with a group of friends. In this week’s Date Night Diaries we take a look at the cinemas in Leeds, an easy date night location for a student budget. 

First of all, we have everyone’s favourite cinema, the Vue Cinema at the Light in the centre of town. If this is too far away for second and third years, there is a Vue cinema in Kirkstall for those living further from the city centre. I’ve seen the new James Bond film and the recently popular Don’t Worry Darling at this cinema, and both times I really enjoyed it. These cinemas have reclining seats from £6.99 and allow viewers to bring in their own food and drink. This is not a joke; I have seen people bring whole pizzas into the cinema before. This astounded me, unless people really do do this all over the country and I have just been missing out my whole life? I had never heard of this before but, as a student, the sweets and popcorn at the cinema can be a little out of the price range. And so, I ran across the road to the nearby Maccies and bought my chicken nugget meal to bring into the cinema. For an interesting date night on a student budget, this is perfect to sit back, relax and eat while watching a popular new movie. For more excitement after, the Vue in the Light is a short walk from Call Lane and its buzzing bars, so you and your partner or friends can keep the night going.

Alternatively, for a cosier but more expensive date night, I recently discovered the wonders of the Everyman Cinema at the top of the Trinity Centre. When you first arrive, you are shown to your seat by a member of staff and given their all-exciting menu. My boyfriend and I were amazed by the two-person seats, which were more like mini sofas, each with two small velvety cushions. They did not recline, but the menu of alcoholic drinks and cooked to order food made up for it. Definitely a pricier date as it was harder to sneak in food, but they do sell a wide variety of food and alcohol which you can have whilst cuddling your partner on your own mini sofa. If you want the full 5-star treatment whilst on a romantic cinema date, this quirky spot is the way to go.

Written by: Madeleine Brooks

Edited by: Katherine Robins

Need date night inspo? I give you the Date Night Diaries, where I rate different locations for student dates in Leeds.