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Student Mishaps and Misfortune

Deciding on what to write about for my first article for HerCampus initially seemed like a challenge. But then, after trying to think of something that we’re all interested in and we could all relate to, it seemed simple. What better to write about than our lives as students and the accidents we have. What’s more, I’m giving you the chance to hear about other students’ mishaps for once without having to relive your own embarrassing accidents ,allowing you to sympathise with others or just get a right laugh at someone else’s misfortune – it really depends on what kind of person you are. With me admittedly being the latter type of person, I decided to write about my own friends and their many mishaps. So read on for a laugh…

Mishap 1:

So, I find my lovely flatmate, who is very aware of the fact that she has a very sensitive allergy to curry, in the kitchen cooking chili con carne. Now I know it’s argued that chilli con carne is a Mexican dish and therefore not classed as an Indian curry, but, it is still made with chilli powder, an ingredient that more often than not appears in a curry. Being the caring friend that I am, I pointed this out; however she reassured me that she would be more than fine to eat it. Her denial was shortly proved wrong though when just a couple of hours later, I received a late night text in bed describing the (what I believed to be) hilarious ‘blow up’ effect the chilli con carne had already began to have on her face. Luckily her boyfriend was over and so he was able to spend all night awake covering her puffy face with cold flannels and make the early morning trip to the doctors for antibiotics the next day, whilst I was able to have a great night sleep and even a lie in.

Mishap 2:

This is yet another cooking incident, involving my friend innocently making herself some rice for tea. But, as she carelessly, or just clumsily, drained the boiling water, she somehow managed to splash it everywhere, including all over her hand. This resulted in one spectacular looking burn, which her flatmate insisted obviously needed to be treated at a hospital; meanwhile she herself insisted it would be fine and she would go to the chemist in the morning. Sure enough, when she did indeed pop to the chemist the next day, not surprisingly they bluntly repeated her flatmates wise words of wisdom, and so she finally found herself in A&E, just a whole 24 hours late!


Mishap 3:

So, we find ourselves on a drunken Thursday night out in Tequila – well, there has to be one drunken mishap now doesn’t there! With me and quite a few of my friends lucky enough not to have university on a Friday, arguably our Thursdays always end up just a tad too crazy. This particular night, my friend is too tipsy to even see a step and rather than walk down it, she does a spectacular (and hilarious) fall down it instead. The next morning saw her not only suffering with a hangover, but also with a fractured foot, for which she is lucky enough to have to wear a very attractive boot for five whole weeks.

Mishap 4:

This mishap involves yet another night out; however, the friend involved this time was strangely sober for once. However, that didn’t stop her from dancing rather energetically, a bit too energetically perhaps, and a bit too near to the wall. As she whipped her hair back and forth just like Willow told her to, she whipped it back a little too hard, smashing her poor head against the wall. She may as well have been drunk with the headache the concussion gave her the next day; apparently worse than any hangover.


Mishap 5:

Now, what kind of friend would I be to only highlight my friends embarrassing mishaps? I thought it was only fair to write about one of my own too …after all, I am known for being the clumsy one. So, I have a reoccurring abscess on my tooth, which recently came back, yet again, for the third time. Not only did I get to spend the week in pain, I now looked like a hamster. It also meant a trip to the dentist – my ultimate fear …probably stemming from the time I bit my dentist, back when I was 4 years old – but that’s another story! Anyway, it has resulted with me having to have my tooth taken out when I am next home from uni, something I am NOT looking forward to! But, as my mum tells me time and time again, I’ve only got myself to blame …which may be a tad true, since I developed the abscess in the first place because I had to have a crown fitted …and I had to have the crown fitted because I chipped my tooth …and the reason I chipped my tooth may have been because I used to use my tooth …as a bottle opener …yep, only myself to blame…

So to sum up, yes we are a very clumsy bunch; worryingly, we’re all even living together next year!

But, if you’re going to take away anything from this article (other than a good laugh), let it be a few valuable life lessons learned:

  1. If you’re allergic to something, then simply don’t eat it,
  2. Try not to burn your hand on boiling water, or if you do, don’t just leave it for a day – go to A&E IMMEDIATELY,
  3. Try not to get so drunk on a night out that you don’t even see a step and simply fall down it,
  4. Try not to stay so sober on a night out that you still manage to have the enthusiasm to dance so energetically,
  5. Always, ALWAYS use a bottle opener!
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