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Star Sign Compatibility: Your Best and Worst Relationship Matches

Astrology not only has the opportunity to open your mind to learn about yourself and understand your personality, but it also can greatly help you to discover what types of people you will be compatible with in a relationship – especially if you are struggling to ignore red flags! But ultimately, every sign can work with each other, depending on the other signs in their birth chart.

On the surface of compatibility with your potential love interests, the notion ‘opposites attract’ is perceived as a legitimate proposal in astrology. The zodiac wheel is made up of 360 degrees with each sign being 30 degrees each. The sign opposite your own in this wheel, is usually your most compatible match. For example, Scorpio and Taurus, Leo and Aquarius and Libra and Aries.

These signs complement each other to the perfect level with their differences ultimately consolidating a relationship. For example, those who have Capricorn as their sun sign are usually hard-working, career and money-driven, consumed by wealth and success through work whereas their opposite sign Cancer, are usually deeply emotional and philosophical homemakers with attachment to family and friends. The contrast between these signs, unites the two and attracts them to each other producing the perfect pair and the ideal balance necessary in a relationship.

However, individuals in a relationship with the same sign as their own, may face significant problems. Being too similar, are evident points of conflict. Refinery 29 discusses how those demonstrating typical fire sign attributes, may both lose their tempers easily whilst two water sun signs in a relationship may demonstrate tendencies of being overly sensitive. These similarities could be turned into positives by the same traits enabling yourselves to understand each other better but avoiding your own sign in relationships is probably ideal as no balance is clear in these same-sign relationships due to their similarity.

If you are unable to find a match through searching for your opposite star sign lover or by avoiding the same sun sign as your own, then the chance to find your true love could be assisted by the compatibility of the elements. Opposing element star signs, fire and air & earth and water emphasise the points regarding the direct opposition star sign attraction as mentioned above and therefore are the most compatible signs in relationships.

The pairs fire and water, earth and air, fire and earth & air and water are the adjacent signs. Fire and earth produce a strong foundation in a relationship creating a pragmatic connection whilst fire and water are an incompatible match with these signs draining each other’s energies and ultimately bringing out the worst in each other. Earth and air is again another incompatible match, with air signs being drastic overthinkers and earth signs being too practical to participate in that behaviour. Finally, air and water signs are a good match in terms of relationship compatibility with significant amounts of passion and love being expressed between them usually, completing each other.

Overall, the astrological rules to follow regarding which signs you will be the most compatible with and attract the most, will fundamentally be your opposite sign or any sign with the opposing element to your own. These will create the most unified and connected relationships igniting the most passion, excitement and balance.

Words by: Eloise Barnes

Edited by: Yasmine Moro Virion

I am a keen writer studying journalism at the University of Leeds who adores social media and magazines. The study of astrology, tarot cards and crystals are of significant interest to me as well as fashion.
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