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Snap Shot: Powerlifter to Model

Okay, so I am the furtherst thing from model you will ever come across – first of all, I can never take a serious photo, I always pull a silly face or do an over-exaggerated pose beause I figure if I am laughing at myself, then people will laugh along with me… But as I have moved from Student-to-Powerlfting Champion (I wish), I was contacted by a student from the Leeds Colleage of Art who is doing a photography project on female Powerlifters. And so begins my claim to fame, my moment to shine, the modelling future I always dreamed of. No, I’m kidding, but it was fun. Me and two other girls had to pose in front of a white screen with all the fancy lights and camera. I’m so excited to see the actual shots – it was interesting for me because as I say I love a good funny face in a photo, so to try and be all serious was quite challenging. So here’s a few snapshots from ‘Behind the scenes’. P.S. excuse the ugly onsie – it’s a powerlifting singlet that is required in all compeitions. 

There I am being a 10/10 glamour. 

Photos authors own. 

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