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Review: Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ Video

Review: Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ Video​

This week, Taylor Swift released her fourth video from her latest album “Reputation”. Her new video “Delicate” takes after her previous music video “End Game” with some intelligent yet subtle meanings behind it. Whilst the lyrics talk about having new feelings for someone new and how fragile these first steps can be, Taylor portrays other ideas in her video.

The video starts off with Taylor in the spotlight surrounded by the press. She maintains her professional side, taking photos with her fans, asking questions with reporters, however if anything goes wrong, her bodyguards are right by her side. Each guard moves in sync with Taylor, protecting her in a square formation with every move she makes. They know about every step, every action Taylor is about to do and doing as they synchronise themselves to her.

At the beginning, she is given a small piece of paper. When she is alone and away from the public’s prying eyes, she begins to act naturally as she begins to create faces in the mirror. When she is interrupted by a small group of people and turns back to the mirror, she finds herself invisible to everyone. Once she realises this, she begins to be herself, dancing just like no one is watching, both in deserted halls and crowded halls filled with people. After she’s had her fun, she looks back into the piece of paper and she becomes visible again, surrounded by people who welcome her as she comes in from the rain.

As Taylor steers clear of the spotlight, by showing this video with these ideas, its clear how happy she feels about this. She is living her life, being in a new relationship with Joe Alwyn and enjoying her time away from the public eye. The interesting thing is that she is just being herself, being a normal human being, and nobody notices that. It is only when drama starts to occur, the camera then gets pointed at her.

Something that celebrities may not have the opportunity to have is privacy. When drama hits the fan, when something negative and bad starts to happen, the focus becomes on them with people ready to point the finger. Stories can be pulled and twisted to the people’s liking. There are times when people violate that privacy and that’s not okay. Whether we are celebrities or not, we deserve privacy. Everyone has secrets and its unfair to force them out or twist them out of anyone. As Taylor lives her life on and off camera, we should respect that she wants her space away from all this. Through the power of her music, she is able to show her fans that she’s okay and enjoying this freedom in her life. When she is ready to return to the spotlight, she’ll be back bigger and stronger than she is ever been.

Click here to watch “Delicate”


By Becky Abel 

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