Profile: Silvia Csanz

This week, Her Campus caught up with Silvia, our resident fashion guru. She shared a little bit about herself and some top summer tips!

So we know you’re from Madrid, what made you decide to come and study in Leeds?

I decided to come because my home university and the University of Leeds have an agreement and I wanted to do a year abroad in England. The Uni of Leeds is considered as one of the best in Europe for studying humanities, and as this is my major I thought that it was the best option for me.


What do you miss most about Madrid?

There are three things that I really miss, the food, the weather and my friends! England is definitely to cold for me, I miss being able to have a beer outside in the sunshine.


What do you love most about Leeds?

I love the sense of fashion that the people have in England and in Leeds in particular. There is more individuality in the style of the people and the students are not afraid of wearing whatever they want. I personally think that here in England you have more freedom for expressing your personality through the clothes that you wear without being criticise and I wished we have it in Spain. There is nothing like going on a night out here and look what the people are wearing, everyone is different!


What made you decide to get involved with Her Campus? Especially since there are so many societies at Leeds Uni.

I am studying a double major in media and humanities so I wanted to take part in a society that was related to at least one of them. I found Her Campus on the second semester and I love being part of the team is so much fun. I felt welcomed and supported from the moment one.


I personally love your photographs you use in your articles. Do you take them yourself or do you use a photographer?

Thank you! I have the best photographer in Leeds, my boyfriend takes my pictures!


Which was your favourite article to write?

My favourite one was the “Get the festival look”, I love all the boho fashion, the glitter and the crazy combinations. I think that fashion should always be a representation of what you like and music is always a good influence in terms of creating an out with and outfit, festival season is always there for trying new things and be creative.


Since you’re our fashion guru, do you have any top tips for fashion staples this summer?

This summer is going to be all about Cuban inspiration, so taking this country as a reference is a must. I would say that there are four trends we are going to see the most are: oval sunnies, gingham prints, baskets bags and off the shoulder pieces.

But my tip number one is, swimsuit instead of bikini.

Finally, what are you going to miss most about Leeds when you go back to sunny Madrid?

My flatmates Dylan and Tyler!