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Profile: Oli Lamprell

This week Her Campus Leeds talks to Leeds University Rugby Union star, Oli Lamprell.

Hi Oli, Hey Oli! Thanks for chatting to us. How did you get involved in Rugby?

I started playing rugby at the age of five in Dubai in the mini league. I only started playing then because it was when the first rugby club in Dubai that had opened up. My dad loved it, brothers loved it, so I was always going to get involved. I turned out to be decent at it so carried on…

What’s a typical week for you like?

At Uni, a typical week is quite busy when the seasons on. We have training on Monday evenings up at Westwood. Then Tuesday night our training goes over anything that we need to sort or prepare the game on Wednesday which we run through. Thursday is usually a day off because Warehouse usually takes its toll the night before and then we get back on the training pitch on Friday to go over things we need to work on from the Wednesday game.

What’s your favourite thing about Rugby?

It’s not really the playing that is the most fun part. It’s just being able to get on a pitch with all your mates and feel like you are part of a team is the best bit, especially when you win.

Anything exciting planned for next year that we should know about?

Well you probably gathered we won varsity this year, the first time in many, so obviously that’s a massive plus for us as a club. So next year we aim to maintain the winning streak and get one over Beckett again!

Despite being beat in overall in Varsity sports events by one point, (31 – 32), Leeds University managed to beat Leeds Beckett 20 – 9 at Headingly Stadium in the final game of the day for the Men’s First Team Rugby Union Varsity match for the first time in twelve years. A big win for all involved in the game and everyone who wore their Green colours to support Leeds University. Well done boys!

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