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This week Her Campus Leeds talks to our favourite Vegan, Morgan Crawford about her fabulous fashion! 

1) Hey, Morgan, thanks for talking to us! I think it’s fair to say that you love fashion. Tell us a bit about your style and why it’s different?

I like to wear a lot of grey, pink, black and blue. This way most of my clothes can be mixed and matched together! I guess my style is different because I’m not afraid to wear sequins, faux furs, unicorns and glitter with ridiculous shoes. I just like to play dress up. Although, you’ll often find me relaxing in jeans and an oversized t shirt too.

2) What’s your favourite place to shop and why?

I quite like Topshop as an good all-rounder for clothes but I also like to shop online, stuff like Motel Rocks and Rare London. I’m trying to get back into thrift shopping though – cheaper, and more ethical I suppose.

3) Can you tell us what your favourite outfit or item of clothing is?

My favourite item of clothing is my grey tulle tu tu style skirt from Love. I love how it puffs out, it makes me feel like a fairy princess!

4) your hair and nails are always looking fab with amazing different colours, do you ever try and colour coordinate hair and clothes?

I suppose I do, because for now I have purple and blue hair so I’m avoiding my leopard print stuff as it doesn’t seem to match. I definitely try and match my nails to my hair colour!

5) Is there anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

I think it’s important to remember you don’t HAVE to follow the fashion trends, otherwise we will all end up looking the same. Always try and incorporate your own personal twist!


All photos are taken from Morgan’s personal Instagram account. 

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