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Profile: Jenny Shepherd

This week Her Campus had a chat with Jenny, a Leeds based Arbonne cosmetics consultant. She took some time to tell us a little more about Arbonne as a company, and the fantastic products they stock! 

Can you tell us a little more about Arbonne cosmetics and how you got involved?

Arbonne International has been an incredible company for almost 38 years. Blending the best of science and nature, all products are pure, safe and beneficial, botanically based and are proven to give amazing results. I became involved with the business 12 months ago. My cousin had started her own Arbonne business and shared the opportunity with me. I sampled the skincare products and fell in love with them! I was looking for an extra income to boost my full time wage, realised I could work my business in my spare time alongside my main job, and I was also looking for new skincare and cosmetics. The timing for me was perfect so I jumped straight in and haven’t looked back!


Is Arbonne a completely vegan brand? Has using cruelty free make up always been important to you? It seems like so often our favourite brands use animal products and we have no idea. How did you make yourself more aware of what you were putting on your skin?

Arbonne specialises in 100% vegan and gluten free products. The extra beauty about us is that none of our products contain any toxins or nasty chemicals. AND as if that’s not great enough, we are 100% against animal testing on all of our products, and have been since 1980. This is huge today, as more and more people are becoming so aware of nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle choices, and the fact that animal testing is still quite common in many global brands. I thought I had an awareness of animal testing before I discovered Arbonne, but nothing like my awareness now. I now know that animal testing just is not necessary, and couldn’t go back to using the products I used to. Many of us focus on what we are putting INTO our bodies, with little thought about what we are putting ONTO our bodies. The effects are the same and equally as important, as all of the products we put onto our skin have an effect our health too.

What kind of products do you stock? Do you just sell just skin based make up or do you have eye make-up etc. too?

Arbonne have a various skincare ranges for all skin types, for example our scientifically-proven flagship anti-aging and sensitive ranges. We have a full range of makeup, including liquid and mineral powder foundations, concealers, blushers, and lots of amazing, highly-pigmented eyeshadows, lipsticks and glosses. The full range is there! We also have hair care, a baby range, men’s skincare, a gorgeous new Spa range just launched this month, plus many more products. Our nutrition range is incredible too, is 100% gluten free, and is used by athletes and other sportsmen and women. This range includes protein powders and other supplements great for daily use.

What are your favourite ‘must have’ products?

It’s hard to choose my ‘must have’ products….. but, the makeup primer is one of absolute favourites, and it’s a best seller! The primer acts as a canvas for your foundation, and makes my makeup last all day and night! The ‘It’s A Long Story’ Black Mascara is also a must have, as it makes my lashes so much longer and fuller without looking false or heavy.

Have you noticed that the skin products are better for your skin? Would you recommend it as a solution to people who suffer with problematic skin, if they have acne or allergies?

Having had issues with my skin for years, I was looking for something new. I have found that the right skincare and makeup for me has improved my skin as, I feel, there are no chemicals present and the makeup isn’t heavy, but still gives a great coverage. Products can definitely assist if people are looking to try new alternatives, and as a Consultant, I love helping people find an answer to their problem. Arbonne don’t advertise as a replacement to solve medical issues, for example acne or rosacea, but many people find the products do help.

Most importantly, where can we get our hands on Arbonne?

Arbonne is available online through my website(Jennyshepherdpudsey.arbonne.com, or email [email protected]), is paid for online and delivered to your door within 2-4 working days.

Being a completely online company, some people might be apprehensive purchasing all their cosmetics without trying them. Do you have any tips or advice to anyone thinking of making a purchase?

As a Consultant I like offer a ‘try before you buy’ service, where I provide products for 3-4 days, allowing individuals to really get to know the products before they purchase. This makes sure the client finds the right products for them, and avoids wasting money! Something I’ve definitely done in the past….! I also love to run product events where I share the business opportunity and allow everyone to try the products over a glass of bubbles (or two!) It’s great fun to have facials and makeovers with your friends, and guests may also find Arbonne could be a great fit for them as a business. Anybody can do this business, it’s fun with a great social element to it, has great products, and I’ve learnt so much over the last year. I’d love to run some product events for the University to really show how the business and it’s products can be a great way to create an amazing future!

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