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The Power of Red Lipstick

Though I’ve only become very interested in cosmetics in the last few years, there are a few things I always rely on. One of my absolute favourites is “the power of red”.

“Give a girl a red lipstick and she can take over the world.”
Seeing as this is Fresher’s week and you are certain to be going out almost every night, you need to up your game and keep your image fresh – there is no better way to do that than to add a pop of red. Once you have swept the luscious red onto your perfected pout there is no stopping you, and here are the reasons why:
–       According to a study* at the University of Manchester, lips come in at the top for the most attractive facial feature, and particularly when wearing red. *(http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-06-23/man-woman/28359040_1_lips-human-sexual-attraction-seconds)
–       Wearing the magic red lipstick will guarantee that if a man looks at your face for ten seconds, seven of those will be spent gazing at your lips. This is in comparison to the 2.2 seconds if you had decided to go sans rouge.
It’s all well and good coming up with the facts but I decided to put this into practice. I worked at a rather dull office job this summer where my usual make up would consist of a natural look and definitely no bright lips; one Friday I decided it was time for a change. I casually strolled into work with a bright MAC lipstick blazoned across my lips, secretly hoping no one would say anything, as my confidence level did not quite match the colour. But to my surprise before I could even plonk myself at my desk and bury my head for thinking I could pull off red, I was asked by two male co-workers if I wanted tea or coffee… I had never seen either of them head in the direction of the kitchen before. Confidence levels immediately soared and I realised even as an office junior…I had the power.
From this moment it was my mission to enhance every girls’ life with this knowledge that with red you really could rule the world. So I decided to try this out in a foreign country on my rather reserved and self-conscious cousin. We were in a beautiful hotel in Dubai filled with desirable men and were yet to make our mark – in came the red lipstick. Before my cousin had a say in what was going on, I forced her into wearing some red lippy before going down to dinner. Unsure of her new look, she didn’t immediately own it. Then we got into the elevator, and she instantly got two smiles from some good looking Aussies. With a big confidence boost under her wing she stomped to dinner like it was London Fashion Week, and by the end of the night she had 3 telephone numbers in her hand.
Ladies, this is a foolproof plan- red works! And here is how to do it:
1)   Know your shades.
Rick Owens from the House of Holland notes, “Because there are so many shades this season, there is one for everyone. It’s just about finding your signature red.”
·      For those with fairer skin tones, opt for a brighter red with yellow undertones, maybe even borderline coral. The contrast against your skin will make you simply irresistible:

·      If you have a more medium shade of skin with olive undertones, anything from true red to pinky cranberry would be simply luscious.

·      Seeing as I have dark skin myself I can confirm that you can definitely take on this colour and look hot – think deep red, reminiscent of a good merlot and nothing like Sainsbury’s Basics.

2)   Don’t go drag!
One of the most important things about wearing a bright colour is keep the rest of your make up to a minimal – let your lips do the talking…quite literally. To make your look super sexy leave out the pink blusher and add a hint of bronzer to your cheekbones and lashings of mascara.
3)   Be BRAVE!
Like the beginning of uni life,it may be daunting to begin with but give it a couple of weeks and you will be walking around Terrace like you own the place – do the same with red. Make it yours and OWN IT. 

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