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Podcast of the Week: The High Low

Podcast of the week: The High Low! 

In honour of International Women’s day, I’d like to have a go at recommending my go to podcast for our podcast of the week… The High Low!

The High Low is a weekly pop culture/news podcast by journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. And I promise you, it’s so much more than just listening to the news. Alderton and Sykes discuss everything from Downing Street, to Time’s Up, to Taylor Swift, the perfect mix of all current affairs.

The podcast runs for around an hour, making it perfect for a gym session or to brighten up a boring commute. Although the podcast is fast paced and information packed, the witty chatter remains laid back and engaging. Listening to The High Low makes you feel as though you’re having coffee with your very intelligent, very opinionated, hilarious friends.

I actually end up looking forward to Wednesdays when new episodes of The High Low are released…However, The High Low is currently on maternity leave. You might be wondering WHY I’ve bothered to recommend it to you, but there are about 50 episodes for you to catch upon while we wait for Pandora and Dolly to return to our airwaves.


Kelan Mahon

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