Must Do's In Prague!

I visited Prague during the winter and had to share a few belated tips on places to visit!

1. Prague Castle

If you’re into architecture, history, or sky high views of cities, then this is the place to go. My friends dragged me here as I am not a big touristy person, despite having all these travel blogs, but I was glad I went along with them. The castle was beautiful with detailed designs around the church. Although going up the tower took all my energy away as I assumed there would be an elevator (silly me), once we got to the top, it made all the climbin worth it as the view at the end spanned the entire city. The place was massive with different buildings located on the hill. it’s free to have a walk about the area but if you want to go inside any buildings, like this cathedral or smaller chapels, then there are individual or bundle tickets available - remember they accept student discount if you visit.

2. Visit the Old Town Square

The town square has a lot to offer from the colourful old building, little stalls, and cute shops on the street corners. You get a real European feel here so it’s the perfect place to take pictures and relax.

3. Check out the Souvenir Shops

Nearly every tourist goes to a souvenir shop but I have never been inside such a fancy, well decorated one which attracts people for its decor rather than its souvenirs. This shop was so aesthetically pleasing so it is defo worth checking out. There were many others in the town centre like this, but this just happened to be the one I went into.

4. The Astronomical Clock

The famous Astronomical Clock is located in the Old Town Square, if you walk by you’ll defo notice the crowd. The clock is famous as it was made in 1410 and has various different parts including a calendar and astronomical desk. You can even go inside and head up to the top for a city view. Tickets are available for adults and students, and the night view is absolutely stunning. Here is the link for more info:

5. Go on the Old Trams

If you’ve read my other travel blogs, I absolutely love old trams and trains. There’s the authentic vintage feel to it. They’re a little slow but you get a nice view of the city as you’re driven around. So if you’ve been walking around for too long, jump on one of these and enjoy the ride!

6. Check out the Dancing House

Now I’ll be honest, I found this building kind of weird but I understand the concept of ‘it’ dancing - there is a rooftop bar on the top floor which looks pretty good but I didn’t check it out. If this is your cuppa tea, then enjoy!

7. Try Trdelnik

Despite visiting Prague in winter with the weather at -2 degrees, I was looking forward to trying trdelnik ever since I booked my tickets so I just had to do it and fight through the cold. The base of this delicious treat is a cinnamon infused pastry which is warm as it is made right in front of you. You witness the absolute art behind this gorgeous creation! Trdelnik is not just a product, it’s also a service that you watch and its this spectacle which appeals to people. Then ice cream is placed Inside the pastry with any extra toppings you’d like. There’s a whole variety of flavours to try - from pastry bases like red velvet to mixed ice cream choices.

8. Cross Charles Bridge

This is one of the most famous bridges in Prague and for good reason! It leads right into the Old Town Square and gives an endless view of the river and city. If you’re looking to have a nice walk and capture prague’s scenery the definitely check out this bridge. There are exits throughout the bridge so check out some of the cute hidden shops underneath while you're exploring.

9. Enjoy the Night at Cloud 9 Sky Bar and Lounge

If you’re looking for a fancy place for a drink in the evening with a night city view then this Hilton bar offers you the chance! Cloud 9 is famous globally and Prague’s version has a cool hallway lit up by neon lights going into a spacious seating area with plush sofas and a range of snacks to choose from.