Must Do's in Bali!

Here is the ultimate guide of things to try in Bali if you ever get the chance to visit. Bali is definitely one of my most favourite places to travel in the world so I thought I would share some of my top things to do

1. Floating Breakfast

This is a luxury you never knew you needed. My friend kept raving on about this idea, so we booked it and I am so happy that I got to experience it. The whole breakfast set for 2 people cost £20, which is a bargain. There are many hotels offering floating breakfasts along with rooms but they’re more on the high-end range. You can still book it separately if you’re not a guest as I found it a little confusing when booking but beware some places might rip you off. Here’s the place I went to:

Their service was impeccable, and we stayed for around 2 hours eating, swimming in the pool and having a mini photoshoot.


2. Bali Swings

Everyone who goes to Bali, visits the Bali swings and you can tell by all the pictures and videos put up online. It’s defo an experience and the pictures you get are amazing and defo insta-worthy to show off to your friends. I’m writing an article on the actual experience as the place looks good in pictures but the reality of it is like a theme park of sorts, so check it out sometime.


3. Beach Clubs

Beach clubs are a must go, it’s way better than spending your whole vacay on a beach. Many clubs offer private beach land, swimming pools, DJ’s, food and drinks which turn into a party later on in the evening. The most popular one is Omnia:

Other places to check out include: Potato Head and Ku De Ta.


4. Visit Neighbouring Islands and Check out Pink Coco

These pictures are from Pink Coco which is a branch of hotels that offer beach club services, so you can visit even if you’re aren’t a guest. They have swings in the sea, massage services, great food and everything is incredibly pink.

There are 3 islands that are right next to each other called Gili islands which consist of: Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan.  We only went to Gili Air but people normally go island hopping which is the best thing to do since it’s so convenient. There's a number of hostels and hotels around, restaurants and cute cafes with bike rental as there's no cars. If you’re in need of transport, there's horses who can transport you around but it’s easily walkable from one side of the island to another.


5. Drink From a Fresh Coconut

This may seem really simple and cliché but with the setting, sun and sandy beaches, you’ll be craving a nice cold drink from a big coconut to make the most of the vibes.


6. Do Some Water Sports

Bali is the perfect for water sports, they’re mainly offered on the smaller islands but there are little tourist huts everywhere along the streets offering day packages including travel, food and sports. We booked one to the Nusa Pedina island for £50 which included shuttle, boat, lunch buffet, snorkeling, banana boating and underwater sea walking. It seemed like a good offer but the time span for each sport were quite short. If you’re interested, you can find offers where you can enjoy the water sports properly and aren’t confined to the area around the boat.


7. Shisha on the Beach

Along with the relaxing calmness of the beach, seeing the waves moving slowly in the dark and feeling your feet in sand while doing shisha is a different experience to a normal lounge and feels way more relaxing. Many beach lounges have live bands at night which adds to the atmosphere. People walk around the beach selling their goods such as offering to do henna on your hands and selling lantern lamps which you can light up on the beach to fly away. My friend tried the lantern lamp and said it was worth doing.


8. Visit Ubud

There’s plenty of things to do in Ubud as it is nestled in the middle of Bali. if you have a day to spare, check out the monkey forest where they roam around in the open and are interactive with people, so remember to take pics. Make sure to go for a walk around to visit the temples, along with the numerous restaurants and stores selling beautiful good. Lastly and most importantly, go to the amazing rice fields because you won’t see anything else like it.