The Musicals Playlist

The Musicals Playlist!

A couple of days ago, I saw a trailer for the “Greatest Showman on Earth”. It looks absolutely amazing and it reminded me of so much of all the musicals I seen and been in. On that theme, I have decided to put together a playlist of the best songs from musicals.

Musicals are such a brilliant performance to watch, combining the art of acting and singing into one performance, and that’s just what’s going on onstage. Including the musicians, the stage management team, costume designers, director, it is such a huge team effort from everyone who is involved. When everyone chips in, it really pays off, particularly in such a short time span.

I’ve played in a couple of musicals myself. On both occasions, it took a lot of hard work and intensive rehearsals but every time, everyone, from the musicians to the actors and actresses always made the performance so amazing! I remember on both occasions how much sheet music I had to learn in the space of a few months. How we all had to quickly learn and become familiar with our parts. It will always be an amazing experience to me and I would recommend anyone who is considering helping out or performing in a musical in some way to do it! To anyone who wants to see a musical, I would definitely recommend “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. It’s a really good, light hearted musical. It was the first musical I ever participated in and everyone who helped out were brilliant. “Wicked” is also a good one too. I read the book a while ago and I loved how they made such an incredible twist to an old childhood classic. The main soundtrack I keep hearing from it is on the playlist, which is sung by Idina Menzel. I would recommend reading the book too to anybody who loves fantasy.

I’ve added all the songs I have heard over the years from musicals, from the ones I’ve performed in, watched and heard. Of course, there are so many I could add on this, but I’ve tried to add a few of the most memorable pieces from each musical, particularly from the ones I know.

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Here is the list:

Defying Gravity and Popular-Wicked

Summer Nights, Grease Lightning and You’re the One that I want-Grease

You Can’t Stop the Beat, Good Morning Baltimore and The Nicest Kids in Town-Hairspray

Someone Else’s Story, One Night in Bangkok, Nobody’s Side and Pity the Child-Chess

City of Stars-La la Land

Not for the Life of Me, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jimmy and Forget the Boy- Thoroughly Modern Millie

Phantom of the Opera, Think of Me and The Music of the Night-Phantom of the Opera

Breaking Free, We’re all in this together and Start of Something new-High School Musical

You are the music in Me-High School Musical Two

Take a Chance on Me, I Had a Dream, Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen-Mamma Mia

Hello and I believe-The Book Of Mormon

When I grow up-Matilda

I Dreamed a Dream and Do You hear the people sing-Les Miserables


Electricity-Billy Elliot

It Takes Two-Into the Woods

Have a good week everyone!