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I am self-confessed musically incapable (of anything). In my life I have played the following (‘played’ is a broad term in this case, ‘abused’ might be more appropriate): guitar, violin, clarinet, recorder and have had singing lessons. Despite professional training I was still subject to the ‘music teacher shocked look’, something like Mr.Bean when he does something wrong.  In all of this torture I have suffered; one of my favourite things to do is listen to talented people in casual environments, saying nice things to musical geniuses who have no idea how good they are.

Speakeasy- Hifi

Every third Monday of the month, Hifi holds this bizarrely beautiful electro-jazz evening. Their resident house band ‘The After Hours Quintet’ are adorable and SO good. Its light-hearted and modern outlook on jazz introduces incredible mash-ups of contemporary jazz and the lovely oldies (‘hit the road, jack was my fave last time.) Entry is £4.00 unless you have your NUS card, in which they knock 50p off- ta Hifi!

Scribe Open Mic Night- LS6

The president of HC Leeds (Rosanna) informed me of this night; it was such a beautiful evening. LS6 is a café right next to the Hyde Park pub on Headingley lane (where Woodhouse Lane carries on to). The night was The Scribe’s first meeting of the year; they are a contemporary arts magazine run by University of Leeds students. The majority of the performers were acoustic artists, but the handful of spoken word acts made the night unique, and was the first time an OMN I have been to that advertises  ‘spoken word’ on the rota, actually delivered just that. Keep an eye out on The Scribe’s facebook page for the next evening.

The New Conservatory

If you like the secret garden, films about 1940’s, libraries, tea or any alcoholic beverage (I have your attention now, yes?) this place is your new home. The atmosphere is cute and almost every night there is some sort of music jamming session. See the following for a complete list:

The night is relaxed because the musicians are jamming, they want you to pay attention but it isn’t a formal, concert-esque kind of night. You can happily to chat to your friends and appreciate the lovely sounds behind you. The jazz night is a real nostalgic event; the venue really effects how the music knits with you. The forties vibe isn’t forced with props or anything on behalf of the event organisation, it just comes with the territory.

Leeds University Union 

If you are in to your music AND want to support your University’s talent, I recommend keeping an eye on what is happening in the Terrace and even Old Bar. I have seen a ‘battle of the jazz bands’ in the Terrace and makes your proud of what talent we have here!


Her Campus Leeds are holding their own OXJAM event at The Library pub on Wednesday October 17th. Artists included are:

Stray Arrows
Kate Ryrie
Pet Recycle


The Library pub is an ace venue for music; always in good taste and not as daunting as a big club or a small venue with only a few people. It’s the best of both worlds!

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