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Meet Our Sister Chapter: Her Campus Nottingham

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

Meet Our Sister Chapter: Her Campus Nottingham

We had a chance to partner up with another Her Campus chapter across the world, and we were lucky to be paried up with a school just down the M1…Nottingham! We got to know the girls at HC Nottingham with a few ice breaker questions..

1) What course do you study and what year are you in?

Emily: I study English and am in my third and final year.

Evie: I study English and French and am in my fourth year after spending a year abroad.


2) Where is your hometown, and how does it compare to Nottingham?


Emily: I’m from Chelmsford in Essex. It recently became a city so it’s quite similar to Nottingham with a city centre and university. However the food scene is a lot better here; you don’t just have the chain restaurants but cool independent cafes and bars as well.

Evie: I am from a small market town in Shropshire, surrounded by lovely fields and countryside. I think this is why I love Nottingham so much as the campus is so green! It’s also great to be somewhere that has a bus more than every two hours and a few more bars, shops and restaurants to choose from!

3) How did you get involved with HC?


Emily: I got involved before I even started uni actually! I saw the CC at the time post in a Freshers group recruiting writers just after results day so I decided to apply. I became a travel writer, and then in my second year I took over as Head of Social Media before becoming CC for final year.

Evie: I started writing for HC in my second year after hearing about it from a girl in my halls of residence. I thought it sounded fun and loved the idea of being able to write about anything that interested me every week!


4) Why did you want to become a CC?


Emily: It just seemed like a natural next step for me as I was already on the exec team and enjoyed organizing things and seeing my influence on the chapter. I want to go into a career in media so I also thought it would be a good experience to have on my CV in terms of team management.  

Evie: I wanted to be more involved in HC and be a part of the community rather than just writing – I thought it would be lovely to make some new friends with people who love being creative and writing about things they are passionate about as much as I do.


5) What’s been the best part about being involved with HC so far?


Emily: It’s given me so much experience in not only writing but organizing my time and other people. I love having a platform to see my articles broadcast on as well as being part of a publication that I’m proud of.

Evie: The fantastic ideas that members come up with to write about – I love reading the articles that people come up with and seeing how writers gain confidence and develop their own wonderful and unique styles as they go.


6) What’s your favourite thing to do in Nottingham?


Emily: Definitely eating out – I’m a big brunch fan and Nottingham is not short of options there! We have an amazing café called The Pudding Pantry which does the most incredible pancakes and I think they probably recognize me in there by now.

Evie: I love visiting all the little cafes that are dotted around the city. There are some real gems if you know where to look. Pudding Pantry is for sure a HC favourite as it’s such a great place to meet up and indulge!

7) Why did you want to do the sister chapter program?


Emily: I just wanted to branch out and see how other chapters operate and whether we could learn something from them and possibly make some changes of our own. Her Campus is such a big deal internationally now but it’s still not as well known in the UK, so it’s great to be paired with a chapter close by which is working towards the same goals as we are and to improve visibility back home.

Evie: It’s a great way to share ideas as well as hear about what university is like elsewhere. Every university has its quirks and it’s great to get an understanding for different places to expand your horizons and learn about new places and people!