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Meet Arcminute, the new menswear label.

Meet Arcminute, the new menswear label.


Let me introduce you to Alexandra Kocovska Cipriani, a Fashion business student at Istituto Maragoni in London’s East End. Rather than focusing on what students do best, partying, eating and procrastinating, Alexandra spends her time juggling her studies and living the young female entrepreneur dream.


Imagine coming to the fashion world, where only the strong brands stay, being among thousands of new fashion designers trying to create a business, at a time where fast fashion and consumerism are at their peak, and not being taken seriously or noticed by anyone because you are a student among others. This could be quite an overwhelming process, discouraging many. But, Alexandra dreams big and has the confidence and knowledge to build a new business: a brand-new menswear label, Arcminute.


Why menswear? The female market is saturated, and Alexandra felt the need to do something different, creative and meaningful. The brand was inspired by her time living in Ghana London, Alexandra saying her creative flair stems ‘from geographical backgrounds but also music’; the brand tells her story.


Arcminute is a breeze of fresh air for the streetwear scene, bringing with it an invigorating take on fashion- Arcminute is based on the mantra of ‘affordable quality’, focusing on comfort and a clean-cut style, with a wide range of items consisting of vests, crewnecks, hoodies and tracksuits bottoms, with T-shirts’ prices starting at £25 and jackets priced at up to £150.


The minimalist style and comfort allows one to wear Arcminute on an everyday basis or as sportswear , adding evermore street style to the look. The uniqueness of the label also allows one to be distinguished from other popular brands such as Supreme, which can be seen as quite repetitive.


My personal favourite would be the more colourful items, which add a minimalist block colour to a simple outfit, allowing one to improve their outfit game with no effort and for a fair price.



The Arcminute range will launch in Leeds on the 5th of June with a pop up shop, and will have four drops planned each year, initially online via www.thearcminute.com, with ‘collaborations with relevant artists across all sectors to create a brand-new community’.


Website: https://thearcminute.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Arcminute/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thearcminute/


Sign up at www.thearcminute.com/leeds for an invitation to the exclusive Leeds launch party on June the 5th. See you there.


Sarah Ashford-Brown




Second-year undergraduate at the University of Leeds, from Paris. Model, stylist and designer for developing brands, and face of the festival wear brand Glitter Romance. Book and articles writing lover and sparkles and music fanatic. 
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